Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just for Fun

We had a few gloriously warm weeks here in SF, so I hastily trotted out all my most springy garments and made good use of the opportunity to wear as many of my sandals as I could before the fog rolled in again. This outfit was for a day of working at home and going to a midday appointment.

I loved all the comments on my Trends That Need to Die post, and for the most part I agree with all your choices. One of the trends mentioned was ankle pants, which obviously I have no problem with myself. I do in fact realize that they aren't particularly flattering and that men seem to universally find them to be one of the least attractive things that women wear (my husband included).

I actually derive a lot of satisfaction from sometimes wearing things that I know men find unappealing, because what I wear isn't meant to be about what men think. Cropped pants have an irreverent, playful vibe, and they remind me of some of the late 50's and 60's styles that I love. They bring to mind big floppy hats, drippy ice cream cones, and a boardwalk along the beach. Fashion doesn't always need to be about figure flattery; sometimes just being fun is enough.

Top: Bella Lux
Pants: Gap
Sandals: Gabor