Friday, April 12, 2013

Trends That Need To Die Already

The weather has been beautiful in SF lately, so I've taken the opportunity to wear several of my dresses with bare legs or fishnets. Here I wore nude fishnets, which I realize are a little tough to see in the photos. Since it's difficult to do a whole lot of styling with a dress, I mixed it up a bit by combining different metal finishes (the silver bag and brass necklace), and adding a blazer.

One of the best things about trends these days is that they hang around for a long time, allowing you to get maximum mileage out of clothing purchases. One of the worst things about trends nowadays is that they hang around for a long time, allowing them to annoy the shit out of you before they finally go away. For me there are currently two trends whose continued presence irritates me to the point of irrational rage. Without further ado, I present to you my top two Trends That Need To Die Already:

1. Topknots

The makeup is pretty awful too, come to think of it. Then again look who it is.

OK, I'll admit I thought these were sort of cute at first, though not something I'd wear myself even if I had long hair. But holy crap ladies, if you've got gorgeous long locks, why on earth would you want to wad it up and make it look like you're balancing a bagel on your head? There are tons of flattering updo's and pulled-back styles out there; this isn't one of them.  STOP IT.

2. Giant Wedge and Platform Heels

Jeffrey Campbell, I blame you for the fact that these are still around. Yep, I owned several pairs of Frankenstein shoes. They're now gone from my closet, and I wish they were gone from everyone else's too. Let's not make this a longer goodbye than necessary.

What trends are you ready to see the last of?

Dress: Adrianna Papell
Blazer: La Redoute
Boots: Born
Handbag: Botkier


Debbie Roes said...

ANKLE PANTS!!! They are horribly unflattering on everyone on the planet! Even models look better in full-length pants. If you have any extra baggage in the hip and thigh area, these pants look hideous! Can you tell I hate them with a fervent, feverish passion? Please can't they go away soon, or at least offer some alternatives! Almost every pant I see in the stores is cropped to a horribly unflattering length. Make it stop!

Kasmira said...

Fake hair - both on the head and eyes (lashes).

Patience_Crabstick said...

Boots over jeans. It's not a bad look, but EVERYBODY has been wearing boots over their jeans for at least the last three years. It's boring. I'm over it.

Lisa said...

I completely agree! Yuck on both of those trends.

style cassentials said...

I like topknots, but I completely agree about the giant wedges and heels!

Love your look, by the way! :-)


Hana - Marmota said...

Strapless for formal clothing, without basically any other choice. That's been annoying me for over five years now.

Your necklace is great. :-) And so's the dress.

Jenniferocious said...

Harem/drop crotch pants. They literally look AWFUL on EVERYONE. They are the worst.

Robin said...

Wearing leggings as pants.

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I call them Frankenstein shoes, too!

I wish the huge bubble necklaces would go away. They look so big to me, like they more or less shanghai an entire outfit.

I'd like to do more with mixing dresses. I have so many; I usually just change up accessories and shoes.

Megan said...

I call that topknot the Shamepuff (after the website of the same name). I don't like the mean spirited nature of that website but that big bun has to go.

I'm convinced that Jeffery Campbell hates women and wants us to look as ridiculous as possible. I mean, what designer who liked women would design this?

Franca said...

leggings as trousers, definitely!

Stripper shoes, not just including the wedgey ones but any. Remember when heels were walkable in?

LK said...

Definitely agree about new options for formal besides strapless. I can't tell you how long it took my friend to find a bridesmaid dress that wasn't strapless because 2 out of the 3 girls are well endowed. Also leggings as pants is just wrong.

I'd love to see the 6-8 heel fad go. Its so bad for your feet it isn't even funny. And the see through clothing fad where you wear a black bra under a sheer white shirt. That looks good on no one!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I've been on the hunt for a good pair of nude fishnets. So far I've found really pricey or cheap but not great. Where did you get yours?

Dylan said...

Just when ruching-on-everything finally shuffled off and I thought it was safe to buy shirts and dresses again, they brought back the peplum. I think it looks dippy and antiquated.

Ooh, also, those horrid fringe-y novelty tweed 3/4 sleeve blazers that look stupid on everybody who isn't Hillary Clinton.

Sheila said...

I don't mind a modest platform, but the giant ones are just tacky. Also, I'm in with the leggings-as-pants. Please, put some real pants on.

Aya in Couturgatory said...

I agree with pretty much all of the fashionable folks here. And I add a big shrieking vote to the "leggings without anything on top" trend. This is not flattering for anyone.

The unofficial uniform at my University seems to be black leggings tucked into light brown Ugg boots, and a shapeless grey University hoodie. I think this flatters *no one ever*.