Monday, October 29, 2012

Packing for Europe: Early Winter Edition

Today I'm off for the UK and France, and since I'm going to be gone for awhile, I thought I'd share my travel wardrobe before I go. It's going to be a whole lot colder over there than it is here, sad to say. My itinerary will begin in Edinburgh, then a few days in York, an overnight in Liverpool, and then a few days in London. After that I'll be working in Strasbourg and ending the trip with a free weekend in Paris. As always, I'm taking lighter layers rather than any bulky pieces. Below are the major items I'll be wearing for the next 3 weeks.

5 shirts (2 long-sleeved layering tees are not shown):

3 cardigans:

2 dresses (these two have traveled with me before and have proven to be ideal travel items
for their wrinkle-resistance and comfort):

3 pairs of pants:

2 jackets (the zip-on sleeves of the vest aren't shown here):

The anorak is a recent purchase, and is something I've been seeking for well over a year. I kept seeing the ideal style on ladies around town, but could never seem to locate it in stores. Finally I was on the bus and spotted it in the window at Gap the other week, and quickly hopped off the bus to get it.

As you can see, I've made the entire wardrobe of jewel tones and neutrals, with black as my major neutral and olive as the secondary. Almost every piece goes with every other piece; below you can see how the shirts, cardigans, and layering tanks placed side by side look like a cohesive collection.

Finally, here are a few different combinations I put together using the same pieces.

And finally, my traveling outfit. I chose my most comfortable, soft, stretchy items and will be carrying the jacket since it's one of the larger items I'm taking. I also fully expect it to be cold when I get off the plane, so I know I'm going to want it when I get there.
And with that, I'm off! I didn't end up getting any new posts lined up except for this one, so the blog will be silent for the next 3 weeks. I'm really excited that I get to skip the rest of the election nonsense (though I did of course vote by mail already), and even better, that I got to see my SF Giants sweep the World Series before leaving the country. What a perfect send off! See you in a few weeks!


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip! I've been spending time in Strasbourg (or Strassburg, as we spell it in Deutschland) on a project, so maybe we'll pass each other on a cobblestone street. And good call on the anorak - it's been getting really cold!

Sharont said...

Loving your blog! Only discovered it recently but have been literally inhaling the excellent recommendations on how to combine items and colours. I've been getting a lot of compliments since I've been following your advice!
Have fun on your trip to the UK. Its going to be cold...

Megan G said...

Hope you have a good safe trip.

Tania said...

Some fun combinations - I love seeing your travel wardrobes.
You will definitely need all the warmth you can get - it's gotten quite chilly and damp here in the UK this last week!

Unknown said...

Delurking to tell you how great your packing posts are. My husband has family in Ireland and I never seem to get the packing right. It can be chilly there even in summer. I am definitely going to use your travel posts as a reference next time I go.

Eleni said...

Enjoy your trip Audi!

Pelicanlake said...

I've been to London 3 times, York 3 times, and Edinburgh once. They are three of my favorite cities. Enjoy, and take lots of pictures!

There is a fabulous book store within yards of the York Minster you should check out:

They sell antique prints and books that are hard to find in the States.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

You are so good at this! I learn so much from you. Safe travels, hope the work goes well, and have a wonderful time!

Shybiker said...

I was thinking of you throughout the World Series. Glad your team won.

Have fun in Europe! I desperately want to escape New York right now, where we have no power, no hot water, etc.

Unknown said...

Loved those two jackets and impressed with your cardigans.. :-)
Actually impressed with your collection of stylish clothes.. So, All set for Europe..?

Unknown said...

Awesome collection of layering tees! rock this winter with cool color t shirts layer it stylish jacket!