Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Minnesota Interlude

I've just returned from a brief trip to Minneapolis for work, where I managed to sneak in a few days of visiting with the one and only Sal. As you might imagine, the visiting also included plenty of shopping, so you'll be seeing the booty I brought back from our adventures in the coming weeks. In the meantime here's a shot of us (courtesy of Husband Mike) in downtown Hudson, Wisconsin, where we spent a lovely afternoon.

 I actually have fond memories of Hudson from my time living in the Twin Cities. It rescued many 
a Sunday barbeque, because I never did get used to the fact that you can't buy liquor in Minnesota 
on Sundays, and I frequently forgot to stock up ahead of time.

As you can see, two of my oft-worn items, the pants and the shoes, went with me on the trip. Much of what I brought with me was pretty casual, so I sharpened up my outfits with this cute hip-length trench. My outfit: Trench, Diesel (thrifted); Pants, Joe's Jeans; Shoes, Cole Haan. There's also a gorgeous open-weave sweater underneath which I bought on the trip and which will certainly be making an appearance before too long.


LPC said...

Such a cute duo. IRL as well as IAP (in a photo:))

Anonymous said...

Miss you already, my dear!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

I love seeing the two of you together. Gorgeous friend photo!