Monday, September 10, 2012

A New Look

I've recently gone a little shorter with my hair, because I discovered that this is really its ideal length. Any longer and it starts to do its own thing by the end of the day, which generally involves falling in my face and driving me crazy. I start to get these insane thoughts, such as wearing a headband. As long as I've lived I don't think I've ever worn a headband, even in the 80's. But annoying hair will do things like that to a person.

I threw this outfit on the other week and thought, "I've worn this exact thing before." I rifled through the closet, unearthed this little-worn vest, and voila! A new look is born.

Vest: All Saints
Boots: All Black
Bag: Boktier
Jewelry: Manu Lizarralde, Metal Pointu


Megan G said...

I love all your hairstyles, but I like the shorter 'dos best. I'm not really a headband person either, but I've been employing scarves, bandannas, headbands and massive amounts of bobby pins trying to grow my hair back out.

The All Saints vest is a perfect piece to give the dress a whole new look.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

I love the combination of beading and studs, and how you've clustered your jewelry at your hands. Gorgeous.

Yes, amazing to finally find a hairstyle that works with rather than against one's hair! Mine actually grows straight up in front and has obnoxious cowlicks which make interesting whorls at its current length, but is hopeless anywhere in between here and giant '80's hair which I was grand at, or grown very long, as I had it for many years.

This cut is just lovely with the shape of your face, Audi.

Anonymous said...

Love the shortened 'do ... though, I'd love to see you in a headband, too. ;)