Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Low Key

This dress mainly gets worn on weekends because it's so casual, but this outfit was perfect for a low key Friday when not as many people are in the office and we rarely have meetings. I definitely wouldn't wear the dress to work without layering something over it, because it has spaghetti straps which I don't think are appropriate for any office environment, even one as casual as mine.

The shoes are the result of a months-long search for the perfect black wedges. I wanted something with little embellishment, a 1-2 inch height, and rounded toes. I must've ordered 5 or 6 pairs from Zappos, but only these fit the bill and all the rest went back. Gotta love Zappos for having free shipping both ways. 

Dress: Athleta
Cardigan: All Saints
Shoes: Cole Haan


Susan B said...

It's a great, simple look. I like the color combo in the dress too.

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

The colors are beautiful on you and I love the detail on the dress. I can see why you searched until you found these shoes.

Also wanted to say how much I appreciated the link about the Boson thing-y (you can see how scientific I am!). I can intuit, even if I can't quite comprehend, just how astounding this is. I have shared that article with several people.

Have a great week.

Megan G said...

The dress is so pretty. I'd probably consider a fancy dress. The cardi hides the straps so I think it makes a good outfit for a Friday.

Congrats on the shoe find. Finding the perfect pair with a very specific list of needs can be difficult, but satisfying when you finally find it. Love the wedges. They look like a good comfy workhorse pair.

Shybiker said...

Oooohh, perfect shoes. I love Zappos.

And thanks for the many blog-comments you just left. I was awestruck by your remarks about my watch and male clothing -- you know exactly how I think. That's remarkable.

Jean said...

Lovely dress, love that colour.

Ignorant Awareness said...

Is that the 'Air Tali' style of Cole Haan wedge? I was just looking at them this morning on the Nordstrom website, & trying to decide between them & the 'Air Monica wedge' style (http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/cole-haan-air-monica-wedge-nordstrom-exclusive/3287075)- or maybe even the 'Air Monica flat' style! Aaah, too many choices!

But anyway, I wanted to ask how comfortable they are? Do they have any padding/ cushioned footbeds? Thanks!

Molly McIsaac said...

You're lovely!

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Unknown said...

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Audi said...

Ignorant Awareness: Yep, they're the Air Tali. They're pretty comfy, though I'd say they run almost a full size too small. I'm usually between an 8.5 and a 9, and the 9 is very snug; my toes are right at the end of the shoe. I wanted to swap them for a 9.5, but there weren't any more in that size. They've stretched a bit as they've broken in, but if I ordered a second pair in another color I would definitely get the 9.5. They have a small amount of padding and are comfy in general, but they're not like walking on pillows or anything. Then again I have extremely fussy feet.

Anonymous said...

That dress is gorgeous! It doesn't seem overly casual, but then again, I don't work as a scientist. Is it the straps, maybe? It seams like it would also be great with a really structured blazer.