Friday, June 8, 2012


This is a near recreation of an outfit I wore during my travels in Europe recently. On one of the warmer days in Lisbon I wore the tunic/belt/pants combo with sandals, and later in the trip when it was cooler I wore it with black boots and a yellow cardigan. Here I tried to create a hybrid between a warm/bright colors and a cold/layered outfit, because although we're well into spring now, we're still getting some colder days. Sometimes I feel like I could rename this blog, "Seasonal Dressing When the Weather Refuses to Cooperate."

This little tunic is magical in its ability to bridge colors I would've otherwise never attempted to pair. The cardigan is sort of a salmon-coral color, and putting it next to tomato red would be an impossibility were it not for the multitude of shades existing in harmony in the tunic. Pieces like this create a huge amount of versatility in a wardrobe.

This is my recent new haircut, and this time my hairdresser added a few dark purple streaks. She weaved them in underneath the top layers so that I can show them a little, or a lot. My hairstyle is now as versatile as my clothing.

Cardigan: Anthropologie
Tunic/belt: gifts from mom and sis
Jewelry: Metal Pointu's
Pants: Michael Kors
Boots: Bronx


Susan B said...

Those pieces that function as color bridges are really wardrobe stars. This one pulls the whole outfit together.

Patti said...

Versatile, and very cool. And I love your new hair cut/color!

Mia said...

Mmm, I love the pairing of salmon and gray. I think you could also pull off the salmon and tomato if you used a third garment in a different shade of red, if I'm remembering my lessons from Academichic correctly.

Mia said...

P.S. You betcha I'm a fan of those purple streaks!

Megan G said...

Oh! I love your new do. The purple is nicely subtle but definitely kicks your hair back up into the fun and funky side.

I love the shapes in this outfit, the print, the necklace, the proportions all work together in a really great unexpected way.

I need seasonal dressing for mega-hot weather. It's been almost impossible to feel fashionable and keep cool. Even our winter was abnormally warm.

Jean said...

I love your new 'do, very chic. Btw, I emailed you - not sure if you got it?

LPC said...

I noticed your hair. I really, really like it.

Sheila said...

Love the tunic - great colour. Your hair looks really cute!

Unknown said...

Ooooh, love the purple bits in your hair and how you can show them off to the degree of your choosing.