Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Strasbourg and Paris Sights

As promised, here are some photos from the France portion of my trip. I'll start off with a few from Strasbourg.

You can't visit Strasbourg without taking a look at the magnificent cathedral, which is so large and imposing it can be seen for miles around.

 The west side of the cathedral is built in the late Gothic style.
 It's impossible to even fit the whole building into a single frame.
 Here's the other side of the cathedral, which is in the Romanesque style.
 A quaint little square near the cathedral, with lots of the German style timber-framed buildings that are common in Strasbourg. And a giant boulder. I'm guessing it was too much trouble to move it, so they just built around it. That's what I'd do anyway.

The next stop on the trip was Paris, where I was lucky enough to meet up with the fabulous

Inside the theater is a modern ceiling by Marc Chagall, and a bronze and crystal chandelier that weighs an impressive 7 tons.
Here's the only other outfit photo I got while I was traveling.
I love how it looks like this guy is squeezing the fish really hard to make it spit water. Another statue looks like he's playing air guitar with his fish.
Another fish; this one on the Pont Alexandre. Grotesque and beautiful.

Suits of armor on the windows of Les Invalides.
 Incredible craftsmanship on these old cannons; also at Les Invalides.

OK, you've seen this structure before, but I thought it looked pretty cool with its head buried in the fog.

Creepy gargoyles on Notre Dame.
Offsetting the creepiness, thousands of locks on the nearby Love Bridge.

That's it for my travel photos! I hope you enjoyed reliving a little of my trip with me. I'll get back to my regular outfit posting in a couple days.


Anonymous said...

The first photo is quite striking...it is something about the light that captures how the cathedral is imposing, even surreal.

Cushh said...

Very nice location. thank you for sharing us.

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Shybiker said...

Wow. Beautiful pictures. It's like we went with you!

D said...

These are wonderful! I especially love the stained glass window, it is spectacular.

blackdogramona said...

I love your outfit, perfect for any city, now I want to wear a purple skirt with a leather jacket!

Maxens M. Finch said...

Oh, I live in Strasbourg and I remember a time when this boulder wasn't around? Or it's my memory that is faulty, though I think I mistake this place for the Petite France or some place behind the bridges which it might not be.
Otherwise it's weird how you photographed details that I don't notice anymore when I go in the city center... WEIRD but great!