Thursday, May 24, 2012

Impeccable Planning

When I was in Paris recently I made a special trip up to Monmartre to go back to Metal Pointu's, the jewelry shop I fell in love with during my last trip. My purpose was to get one of the chunky, statement necklaces that I had seen the last time I was there. This one is just perfect, having enough thickness and heft to feel and look substantial, but not so much as to overwhelm my slender neck and narrow shoulders. While I was there I also picked up another ring to go with the one I already had. I really love how the two pieces complement one another.

A couple of days later during the trip, I was wearing my new necklace with one of the dresses I had packed. My friend/coworker who I was traveling with remarked at how perfectly the necklace went with my dress. I said, "Well of course they go together, I packed this dress knowing I would be going to that shop to buy a necklace to go with it!" He thought that was going just a bit too far for fashion, but I thought it was simply impeccable planning.

Vest: Cotelac
Top: Max Studio
Pants: Cynthia Steffe
Sandals: Michael Kors
Jewelry: Metal Pointu's


LPC said...


Susan B said...

Great necklace! I'm going to have to visit that shop next time...

Anonymous said...

Love the pants you're wearing.

Shybiker said...

Wow, what fabulous jewelry. The top is special, too.

Mia said...

Whoa, that is some MAJOR jewelry.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful necklace.

Megan said...

The print on your top is very interesting and provides subtle colour to your neutral outfit.

Gorgeous jewellery. If I ever get back to Paris I'll try to remember to check her again for the name of the shop.

Maria said...

Great geometric pattern, jewelry to die for and the shoes!

Ms. Falcon said...

yeah, the motorcycle vest is so cool!

Sheila said...

That is a really gorgeous necklace - I wish I'd stumbled across that shop when I was in Montmarte a couple of years ago!

tinyjunco said...

""Well of course they go together, I packed this dress knowing I would be going to that shop to buy a necklace to go with it!" " ya have to wonder about a person who'd be surprised by this packing strategy. What do they think you should do, pack specifically for things you know you WON'T do?

on the topic of jewelry....have you been to Lauren Wolf's shop Esqueleto in Oakland yet?

her work is even more exquisite in person, as is Ms. Wolf herself and i thought of you while in hre shop. i'm still smarting at having to leave that cardissium heart with gold bolts behind *sigh*. Plus a few other wonderful designers also show there. It's in Temescal Alley, next to a lot of tiny funky shops. So tiny that you're often talking to the owners!

Congrats on your gorgeous new pieces! steph

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Shybiker said...

Thank you, Audi, for your incredibly sweet comment. You touched me in a very sensitive area and made me feel really good about myself.