Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank You Gift

For the first time all winter it got cold enough to wear this boiled wool tunic. The boots have also been suffering from neglect, so I was happy to trot them out again for what may be the last time until December.

The pretty scarf was a thank you gift from one of my former employees, who I wrote a letter of recommendation for to help her get into a graduate program. Wasn't that sweet? Not to mention that it perfectly suits my style and is incredibly soft and comfortable. For me though, the best gift of all was seeing her get accepted to the program and start down what I'm sure will be a really successful path for her. Hands down the best thing about managing people is helping them develop their careers. It's also gratifying to see that despite the fact that Americans are getting ruder, and their kids are getting brattier, there are still young people out there who have great manners.

Tunic: Promod
Pants: Club Monaco
Boots: Bos and Co.


Megan G said...

Aw! What a sweet gift. It does suit you and your style.

Anonymous said...

Recommendation letters are a routine part of my job as an academic, but in 20 years of writing them, I can count the time I received a thank you for it on one hand. So the gift of a scarf is truly a rare thing in my book.

LPC said...

Let's hear it for good manners!

Unknown said...

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Patti said...

What a lovely scarf, and gift! It's so rewarding, I agree, to see young people on their way to great careers.

Shybiker said...

Helping others is so rewarding, isn't it? We glow from the effort.

The scarf is adorable and knowing the story behind it makes it even better.

Ellen said...

I started following your blog recently and was delighted to see a fellow scientist with such fantastic style. Also, your hair? Totally badass. Rock on.

asad said...

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