Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Redundant Cabling

I've been searching for a cropped black cardigan like this one, literally for years. My perfect little black cardigan from Old Navy, which has gotten tatty looking and is losing its stretch, has proven to be remarkably difficult to find a suitable replacement for. I was lamenting this fact to Sal during her visit, and less than 24 hours later I found an even better one during a chance stop at Sunhee Moon. This one is superior because the fabric is stretchier, and the sleeves are 3/4 length.

What's funny is that at some point I'd become so determined to replace that sweater that I actually started to knit a new one myself, until I realized 2 things: (1) it's pointless to hand knit a black cabled sweater, because the black hides all the nice cable work, and (2) knitting sweaters sucks. This sweater doesn't have any cabling, but if you click over and view its predecessor, which does, you'll see what I mean about the black making it redundant.

So now after all those years of fruitless searching for an exact match for the original, as well as the hours I wasted knitting a still-unfinished sweater, I realize I should've been looking for a flat knit all along,which would've been easier to find in the first place. Learn from my mistake; if you're going to go to a lot of effort trying to find a sweater with patterned knitwork, save it for the lighter colors where the pattern actually shows up.

Cardigan: Survival
Dress: Promod
Tights: Hue
Boots: Ekko


Patti said...

Point taken : > I really like your new sweater and it looks like perfection with your 60's style dress.

Megan said...

I like the new banner. This dress is my favourite. Do you have orange shoes that would go with it as well?

How did I not know you're a knitter?! Are you on ravelry.com?

Megan G said...

Lovely dress.

I think you've just described why much of my wardrobe is gaining more charcoal grey and bitter browns. Patterns and texture just doesn't show up as well on black.

Shybiker said...

Yes, Ma'am. Will do. I've thought about learning to knit but it seems like a lot of work.

Audi said...

Megan: I'm an on-again, off-again knitter. I've checked out ravelry before but haven't spent too much time on there. It's probably high time I took up another project, although that sweater experience put me off for awhile. ;-)

Meagan Mae: I agree, even with a deep charcoal gray, the textures just 'pop' a lot more than they do on black.

Shybiker: I'll bet you would enjoy knitting, and honestly it isn't very hard to pick up the basics. I'd recommend taking a class through your local yarn shop if you want to get a quick start -- it's a fun, communal way to learn a new skill. And since it's historically something done by women (and invented by a woman), it might be an interesting way for you to connect with another aspect of female life. Not that it isn't totally ok for men too! I've had men in all the classes I've ever taken.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Well, at least you've got options, now! And good ones.

Jude said...

Wow Knitting, you have my respect. I took to crocheting a throw once; once was all it took for me to understand that I need to stick to sewing. Love that mod outfit!

Franca said...

i love knitting but i will never knit a sweater/jumper, too impatient. Glad you found a suitable replacement!

WendyB said...

My mother knits but I think she has a love/hate relationship with it!

Ru said...

As skills improve, knitting sucks way less. I am a Raveler and love the way knitting adds custom pieces to my wardrobe. :) I have way gotten into gorgeous shawls and shawlettes. They pack a lot of style into a mostly unstructured accessory!

Love the cropped sweater and the Mod dress. The 60s Mod look just WORKS, ya know? (And the real thing was made so well.)

Anonymous said...

Filing this lesson away in my memory bank. Perhaps just having Sal along was the stroke of luck you needed.