Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I should've put on some lipstick before I took these photos. Usually I do, mainly because the camera flash makes me look so washed out. This was one of those crazy mornings where I was really pressed for time though, so it's a wonder I managed to take pictures at all.

I have another business trip to France coming up in April, and for this one I've decided to tack on a few vacation days and head down to Lisbon. I told you I was hooked on fado! Now I get to go hear it in person at one of the authentic fado restaurants in the very city where it was created. My only problem is that now I'll have to learn a few words and phrases in that maddening language, and between that and trying to brush up on my French it might be more than I can handle.

Shirt: Promod
Vest: A. Byer
Pants: Rag & Bone
Boots: Ecco
Bracelet: Metal Pointu


Marie said...

I love kickass boots with argyle.

Patti said...

Love the argyle. We have some friends who moved to Portugal a couple years ago and they are having a fabulous life! Enjoy your trip : >

Megan G said...

I have the same problem with lipgloss (well I use tinted chapstick). I frequently just breeze out of the house forgetting it.

Sounds like a great trip coming up. I've heard from friends who speak Portuguese say that even they have trouble speaking/understanding it since everyone speaks it a little bit different.

Adrienne said...

I'm so jealous I wish I were going too but have a great time on my behalf and can't wait to see what you buy while over there.

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Anonymous said...

'A business trip to France?! Jealous.

LPC said...

Also jealous:). Have a wonderful time.

Mia said...

I would offer some key phrases, but I only learned Brazilian Portuguese, which I gather is extremely different from continental Portuguese. (Probably in part because many Portuguese don't think very highly of Brazilians.) I loved learning it, but it is seriously so unphonetic it's not even funny. Oi.

I'm jazzed that you're going to Lisboa! And I've probably said this before, but I love love love the way you do menswear. It makes me want to wear sweatervests forever. (Despite the fact that I only own two, so that's a bad idea.)

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