Monday, March 12, 2012


When I originally put this outfit together I topped the sheer tunic with my cropped Asos top with the sheer back. It almost worked, too, and I did like the sheer-over-sheer effect. However, the way the wide neckline of the cropped top revealed the straps of the tank top just wasn't quite right; too many Flashdance memories, I suppose. Incidentally, click on over to Wendy Brandes' latest installment for the Huffington Post, featuring me and a bunch of fellow bloggers sporting sheer garments.

I bought both the pants and the shoes on an afternoon that Sal and I spent lunching and shopping with LPC. In a very uncharacteristic move, I walked into the John Fluevog store and walked out with possibly the most conventional pair of shoes they've ever produced. But a pair of basic, retro-styled black pumps has been on my shopping list for ages, and I had decided I was going to stick to my shopping list during Sal's visit and not allow myself to stray, despite there being several other pairs that caught my eye. Also on the shopping list: colorful, skinny pants. Since this purple pair had bonus leather panels on the calves, and they were on sale, it was really a no-brainer.

This outfit was inspired by this one from Sea of Ghosts, but for my version I covered up a bit more and opted for the demure pumps to make it more age and work appropriate. I love how the leather detail on the tunic pairs mirrors the leather panels on the pants.

Cardigan: Express
Tunic: Audrey Cantwell
Pants: Rag & Bone
Shoes: John Fluevog


Kristian said...

I like the ought and really enjoyed seeing the "inspiration" and how you changed it to be age/work appropriate.

Megan G said...

I love the shape and texture to this outfit. I love the heels! Fluevog even does "basic" interestingly and perfectly. Those have the best shape.

LPC said...

Wow. A complete knockout. I loved being there for the purchase and seeing what you do with them is a learning experience all around.

Anonymous said...

The look is amazingly similar to your inspiration. Had not realized there was leather on the britches until you pointed it out.

Patti said...

yes! Like Megan said, Fluevogs are always interesting and these are rather fabulous. Love your trousers too, with the subtle leather.

Magatha-May said...

This is a beautifully stylish outfit, love it!

Sheila said...

Leather on the pants? Love!

And even plain Fluevogs are amazing.

(Eeek, I am so far behind on your blog! Sorry, Audi!)