Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yep, I'm totally in love with this little mod dress. There aren't many vastly different variations I can create with it because I think with a dress like this it's better to let it be the star of the outfit. I really like the look of it over solid legwear, which plays up the contrast in the blocks of color. Here, I let the cardigan's straight lines mirror those in the dress and avoided adding any other pattern to the mix. In warmer weather I can see this dress looking great with bare legs and sandals.

This week has had all sorts of excitement, with the Edwardian Ball on Saturday and a couple of Noir City shows during the week, including tonight. Next week I'll share some of the outfits from these events.

Dress: Promod
Cardigan: Max Studio
Pants: Club Monaco
Boots: Ecco

I'll leave you with this pretty photo I shot from our patio a couple weeks ago. We've had a gloriously warm and sunny winter (though sadly, that means we're probably in for a horrible drought this summer), and this was one of those gorgeous, clear nights with a big bright moon.


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful dress...and you're right, it will look great this summer. We've had such mild winter temps in our area and so little snow, that frankly, I'm worried about the summer.

Shybiker said...

So chic! And retro. And sophisticated. Amazing dress.

Can I borrow it? You're 6' tall and 200 lbs., too, right? :)

WendyB said...

Oh, yes, love the stripes!

Ms. Falcon said...

love this dress paired with this light creamy coloured coat... gorgeous!

So Yeah So said...

Fabulous. There are really just no other words.

Red said...

So, a funny vignette:

There I am with the husband at Noir City the other night...I'm struggling through the throngs towards the door, and suddenly I almost walk into a tall, lovely woman in a stunning vintage dress with back-button detailing...and I say to myself "wait. I know that dress."

LOL. I sort of had to stop gaping, because you know, it's an odd sensation to suddenly view in 3D someone you've only ever seen in still photographs before. (I must say: they don't do you justice.) Without (I hope) sounding creepy, you also have a lovely speaking voice, something the printed word of course also cannot convey.

And that dress! total knockout in person. Never think you can't wear that particular 50's style--you most assuredly can. I used to sell vintage, and so I also know that you lucked out bigtime with that purchase.

And, how about that flick "Pickup"?!? So funny and awesome. "Naked Alibi", too. Gloria Grahame was without compare. I have been going to those festivals since their inception in LA 12 years ago. I think next year I must really break out the vintage again... ;-)

p.s. and one mo' thing--if you haven't checked out Eddie Muller's fiction, I would recommend it. The novel "The Distance" is a fascinating, moving, kind of intense period piece based on his own parents' lives in 30s-40s SF. It has that haunting "old movie" quality...and for someone who loves SF, it's wonderful reading.

Audi said...

IrishRedRose: Now really, you should have introduced yourself! I assure you I would've been happy to meet you. My friends and I were all equally amused by Pickup -- Beverly Michaels is one of my all time favorites. I really must master that swagger of hers.

Thanks also for the tip about the books -- I knew he had written about film history, but I didn't know he'd written fiction as well; I will definitely check it out. Mark and I attended the Saturday night event at the Swedish American Hall as well, and it turns out Eddie sings too!

Samatha said...

You look gorgeous wearing the outfit. I hope you don't experience drought this summer!

-Samatha @ Double breasted suits