Friday, July 22, 2011

Jazz Age

Here's my Bastille Day outfit; this was right before I got sick (going out that night might have dealt me the fatal blow, in fact). My friends and I attended a Jazz Age Paris-themed literary event featuring local authors reading excerpts from 1920's books, an absinthe bar, accordion music, and a couple of really talented belly dancers who choreographed their numbers to 1920's songs. Upstairs was a tiny cinema where they were showing "blue" films from 1920's France. Whoa. Those were the days before waxing, for sure.

I put together the most 20's looking outfit I could assemble, using this old standby of a cocktail dress that I've had for years. It has a sheer, beaded black layer over a rich red lining. I even created the "bee stung" 1920's lips, but you can't really tell when I'm smiling, or smirking, or whatever I'm doing here. In all the photos where I attempted a serious, femme fatale face, I ended up looking like I was about to throw up, so I didn't post any of those.

Yesterday my mystery illness (Is it a cold or a flu? It has elements of both.) reached a climax, so I stayed home sick. That turned out to be a good call because I actually feel a lot better today after spending the day relaxing. Being home during the day is always interesting: yesterday I heard and saw San Francisco's famous parrots (their flight path seems to go right over our house); I observed first hand the staggering number of hours that Georgie sleeps during the day (16 hours is my ballpark estimate); I watched numerous hummingbirds jockeying for position at the hummingbird feeder; I also realized just how preposterously incorrect our weather forecasts are. At around 11 am I checked two different weather apps on my phone; both said it was currently 60 degrees, with a high of 66 expected. At the time our outdoor thermometer was reading 82 degrees. Do not ever believe weather forecasts for San Francisco. They can err wildly in either direction, but they're rarely ever correct.

Dress: Sue Wong
Necklace: from Nordstrom ages ago (it was actually a multi-strand necklace that I took apart and reassembled into one long strand)
Shoes: John Fluevog


Susan B said...

You look amazing, and that party sounds superbe!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Not the "fatal blow" I hope! You look marvelous and very Jazz-age.

Poppy Buxom said...

Wow, that party sound amazing! Where on earth did they find the vintage porn? I'll bet I'll never find it on Netflix streaming.

And you look mahvelous. Of course, you look great in anything, but I love you as a flapper. Very Louise Brooks!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect look for the party you describe. Is the red lining part of the dress or a slip?

Good to know you're feeling a bit better.

Jean said...

Beautiful dress. I'm glad you're feeling a little better now.

When we first got Tessie, our greyhound, we used to wonder what she did while we were out. Now we know that she sleeps all day. Dogs have a great life.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

What a great look on you.

WendyB said...

Wow, you really came through with the '20s look! Good job!

LPC said...

You look just amazing. I love the tattoos with the dress.

tinyjunco said...



love it! and it is fun to be home during the day and watch all the critter (non)activity.

really, weather around here - if you don't like it, walk two blocks. my husband is truly weather obsessed (keeps weather diaries, etc.). he says that back east a 50% chance of rain means that there is a half and half chance of rain falling over a widespread geographic area.

but herein the bay area, a 50% chance of rain means more that half of the geographic area WILL experience rain (those areas have a 100% chance of rain), but they just don't know WHICH areas will get rain and which won't.

i don't know if any of this helps you with your forecasting conundrums, but thought i'd throw it out there.

hope you are feeling better - you look fantastic! steph

Anonymous said...

You would look '20s, but your tattoos ruin it.

maria said...

The dress looks fantastic on you. Your hair is perfect. I would add a long cigarette holder, a pair of long sleeve gloves, and a feather head piece or boa to complement the look. Or perhaps one of your hats?

I made a search on 'flappers' and some fabulous dresses came up.

Cindy said...

WOWZA! Check you out! :)

Audi said...

Poppy Buxom: I'm not sure where they dug up those old films; I know they've been shown around town at other venues though. I wasn't even able to find much information on their history in my web searches; I know it's rumored that many were made by famous directors using leftover lengths of film, but since the movies weren't legal, no one ever took credit for them.

Terri: The red lining is actually part of the dress.

tinyjunco: Part of what makes forecasting so inaccurate in SF is the fact that our weather station is actually in SOUTH San Francisco, which is totally lame because the climate is very different there. And even if it were located in the city, there are still different microclimates all over town. I don't mind so much that the predictions don't match, but geez, when even the current conditions are off by 20 degrees you've got to wonder how the local forecasters even keep their jobs.

Maria: Yeah, I suppose if I'd started planning earlier I could've whipped up a feather headpiece, but we decided on the event at the last minute. But yeah, obvs I could've gone a lot further with the flapper theme had I been so inclined. Great photos btw!