Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This was one of my ho-hum outfits from when I was still sick (I'm feeling better now). I've noticed that when I'm sick I tend to wear pants more often, probably because it's less work than dealing with tights and slips and all that. If we lived somewhere hot I'm sure it would be just the opposite; throw on a sundress and some sandals, and you're good to go. Out here it's almost never warm enough for that, so pants are the easier option because there are no additional leg coverings that need to be selected.

At any rate it provided the impetus to wear these cords again, which as you may recall are down to their last few wears. A careful examination of the nap proved them to be still wearable for probably a few more times yet. Next time I hope it's actual inspiration, and not illness, that brings them out again.

Top: Max Studio
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Necklace: Foxy
Cords: Marlowe
Shoes: Art Shoes


Anonymous said...

the cords have a great fit! If I had a pair like them, I'd be sure to replace with a pair just like them.

Little City Farm said...

I think you look great and you are still more spicy and fashionable on your sick days than I pull off on an ordinary day, lol. Glad you're feeling better now.

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Yeah, both Terri/y/s told the truth: you look great and all-pulled-together. And I'm happy to hear you're feeling well again.

Anonymous said...

Pretty darned cute for a ho-hum outfit, lady!

Healthy and Homemade said...

Pretty awesome for a "sick" outfit =)

Vintage rings said...

Pretty cool..You are looking adorable and beautiful in this outfit. Fantastic outfit with good contrast :)