Friday, June 17, 2011

Stealth Layering

Here's an outfit that looks deceptively summery; hidden underneath the dress are a pair of long cotton pettipants and a slip to keep my thighs warm, and under the boots are long socks to insulate my feet and calves. Had it been colder I could've even added a long-sleeved tee under the dress and kept it hidden with the lightweight denim jacket. I'm becoming quite adept at stealth layering during this remarkably chilly season.

Jacket: Tulle
Dress: Noa Noa
Scarf: Banana Republic
Harness: Audra Jean
Boots: Scoop (Copenhagen)


Pretty Kitty said...

As always, another wonderful outfit! I have the opposite problem here in Florida. Layering is not an option except for a few weeks of winter. That said, your outfits provide wonderful ideas for layering when the weather turns cold for a week here or there. My winter clothes selection is extremely minimal.

Pretty Kitty said...
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Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Pretty Kitty, I am your neighbor! Well, we share a state anyway. And a minimal winter wardrobe : >

Beautiful job of layering, Audi. I love the splash of color with the BR scarf.

Megan G said...

Creative layering. I love the thin harness. It adds more dimension to the outfit. That jean jacket has a great cut to it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Audi
Long time reader, first time commenter. Great outfit. I love your sense of style and you've really inspired me to put some effort into how I present myself. Thanks.

Audi said...

Anonymous: You are most welcome! Glad you're finding inspiration here.