Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting Back on the Horse

I decided to give this pants/shoes combo another try, despite the fact that it felt a little risqué for my comfort level the last time around. You've got to get back up on that horse, right? It turns out that putting a long layer over the pants, even though it was a very sheer layer, did the trick. And in a moment of inspiration, I chose not just a plain tank to put under the sheer tunic, but this beautiful lace-back top, which I've had a terrible time figuring out how to style appropriately while still showing off the back:

The nearly backless halter-neck top doesn't really allow for wearing a bra, making it something I'd normally relegate to say, a night out dining and dancing on the beach in Mexico. But since I'm not in Mexico very often, it's good to have found another way to wear it; the sheer layer provided plenty of coverage, while still giving a hint of the sexy top that's underneath. It only took me about 4 years to figure this out; luckily I didn't give up on the top before then.

When I put all the clothing and shoes together I knew the outfit still needed a little something, but this tunic can't really be belted very easily. Instead, I tucked a long, layered necklace under the tunic's bow to bring in some shine without disrupting the long, sheer line.

Also, going *almost* braless at work felt awesomely rebellious, not to mention amazingly comfortable.

Tunic: Fremont
Pants: Club Monaco
Top: Sisley
Shoes: Pour la Victoire


Megan G said...

Amazing layering. It shows off the lace of the tank is a pretty but not overly showy way. I was also wondering how you went about wearing that top with no bra. Thanks for the link.

CC said...

I LOVE this outfit. What a genius way of layering such beautiful pieces. The gray top is so beautiful and the addition of the detailed tank under is just stunning!

Academic Writer (a.k.a. A-Dubs) said...

I liked iteration one. This next version, however, is particularly inspired. Love it.

angie said...

I'm glad you climbed back onto the horse! I love this outfit on you, Audi. The long sheer and pretty tunic does indeed do the trick, offsetting the harshness of those beautifully graphic shoes. Well done!

Mia said...

Awesome! That tunic is gorgeous, and your styling works so well. I love it. :)

(My friend and I recently started a personal style blog together, and we added you to the blogroll. You're one of the first fashion bloggers either of us started reading, and I think your blog is particularly meaningful for her since she's a grad student in the sciences:


Anyhow, I hope that's okay. You've inspired both of us a lot!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Audi. This is fifteen kinds of gorgeous. And I love it when underutilized items band together to create perfect outfits!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I've also been at a loss as how to style those lace-racerback tank tops. Now to find something sheer and tasteful like your lovely tunic! =)

Cel said...

Oh nipple covers, how did I ever live without you? Heehee. I really love the tunic and that tank paired together.

Healthy and Homemade said...

I freaking love when you wear this top. I like the tank you wore under it, such a cool way to show off the cut out back.