Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Kimberly inspired me to put together this outfit after her post about red blazers a couple of weeks ago. I figured since the outfit looked so summery, I'd also show you the sunglasses I picked up for a mere 10 bucks at Century 21 while Sal and I were in New York. I love high quality, stylish sunnies, but I tend to be hard on them, so finding a great deal is important for me. For $10 I won't be heartbroken if these get scratched or I accidentally sit on them.

Blazer, dress: thrifted
Cropped pants: La Redoute
Shoes: Michael Kors
Sunnies: Cole Haan


Kimberly said...

Love this! You are rocking that red blazer.

Megan G said...

I love the red blazer. It's like a merge of summery picnics and business casual. I am also really loving your "alternative" proportions lately.

Cel said...

The pop of red from that blazer is great. You look really slick. I love sunglasses but I'm hard on them too, scratched and bent out of shape is what they are quite quickly so I'm stuck buying cheaper ones... and it's always harder to find good looking cheap ones!

Shybiker said...

I love bold clothes and this blazer fits the bill. The shape and design of the sunglasses is very attractive.

Unknown said...

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