Thursday, May 12, 2011


This is the sort of outfit I envisioned when I bought this big cocoon-cardigan, because even the warmest days in SF are rarely warm enough for a dress like this all on its own. The cardigan is a tissue-thin slub knit fabric, which is great for adding just a tiny amount of warmth without being too heavy. On a breezy day it also flies out behind me like a cape; perfect for those times when I need to pretend I'm a superhero. What would my super power be, you might ask? I would be the Translator, able to speak any language fluently so that I could show up to help hapless travelers who are trying to find their way or just get to a bathroom. That's way more useful than having x-ray vision any day.

I also thought I'd include a wider angle shot of this corner of the house, because I finally got this window ledge looking the way I want it to, after many unsuccessful attempts at decorating it. Not only that, but I finally got Mark to move the half-assembled fountain that's been sitting in the corner for nearly a year -- which is now sitting, half assembled, where the vase used to be. It's slow progress, but at least it's progress.

Dress: Tracy Reese
Cardigan: 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent
Shoes: Camper


Chelsea said...

Translator is the best superhero I've ever heard of!

You look lovely. The cocoon cardigan is perfect with this ensemble, and I love imagining it on these windy days!

Cel said...

I do so love that dress, so colourful! I have such a hard time imagining how SF could be too cool for a sleeveless dress when I wander around in such things here in Canada during the summer. Geography is so funky.

Megan G said...

I loove that brightly colored dress. It's perfectly tempered by that creamy cocoon cardigan.

Translator would be a super cool power. I'm partial to telekinesis myself. Mostly so I can get the remote or my phone from across the room.

CC said...

Love the colorful dress and the drapey cardi is such a perfect outer layer. :) I also love your book-filled corner. I love books especially when they are all arranged and pretty. :)