Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started

I snagged these beautiful navy blue silk pants on Gilt for $99; they came with the original $790 price tag still affixed, which made me happy. I really wanted them as more of a fall item, having been inspired by LPC's post about party pants. If anyone needs a pair of party pants, surely it's me. I just thought I'd start the party a little early by wearing them now.

The pants need to be hemmed a few inches, but I wanted to sneak in one quick wear before I drop them off at the tailor. Tucking them into boots did the trick. It's never a party when your pant legs are dragging on the ground.

It was tough to capture the sheen and color of the fabric in these photos; it's a deep blue, metallic textured silk. Gorgeous.

Also tough to see here is the metallic sheen of my silver shirt, which created a subtle sparkle underneath the sheer chiffon layer. The fun, bobble-edged scarf added to the festivities. Click the photo to enlarge; you can see the texture better in the larger image.

Chiffon top: Noa Noa
Silver top: no idea
Cardigan: Cynthia Rowley
Scarf: Eileen Fischer
Belt: Noa Noa
Pants: Vera Wang
Boots: All Black
Bangles: Amrita Singh

Georgie tried to join in this photo shoot, but it didn't go quite as well as the last time. First I had to scratch her head to keep her from trying to lick my silk pants...

... and then she just got bored.


Susan B said...

Ooh, great find! Party Pants for sure.

Little City Farm said...

I just love watching to see what combination you are going to come up with next. I would never think to pair the pieces that you do, and yet you always look fabulous. Fabulous!! :) Thanks for the inspiration and big kisses to Georgie.

LPC said...

I am done then, finally, with whatever mission I had. If I can inspire you ever, at all, what more can a Sturdy Gal ask for? You look amazing. I love the way the scarf, the belt, and the boot studs echo each other. And the shiny pants are icing on the cake.

Sheila said...

What amazing pants. They are making me regret not buying the silk Noa Noa pajama bottoms I saw about a month ago (for $29). Just for lounging around the house (okay, maybe for work, ha!).

Heh, animals never do what you want in photos, do they?

Mishqueen said...

Maybe it's not your thing, but are you on Pinterest? I really like it, and I pin some of your stuff that is my favorite. If you're interested, I would LOVE to see collections of things you like. If not, no worries. I can keep happily following your blog!


Sarah said...

Hi Audi! I am BRAND NEW to fashion (in general...haha) at 28, and I love your blog. Your body looks nothing like mine, and I will likely not find Vera Wang silk pants in my size. But you inspire me gratly nonetheless, and I just needed to stop and say...

1) The red dress? AMAZING!

2) Those freaking blue silk pants? AMAZING!

3) Your Mystery Miu Mius? EPIC!

Thanks for your hints and tips, and for being your wonderful self!


Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous. I nabbed a pair of silk pants a few months back - although they're considerably less party-ready - and I adore them. Like work-appropriate PJs!

Cel said...

Those pants are unbelievable! And lucky you, snagging them a whole $700 off heehee, talk about a bargain!

Unknown said...

I hadn't ever thought of party pants before and now I'm convinced I need a pair! I'm loving the starry-night-sky palette you've got going on here, it's so sophisticated and pretty! Plus I can't resist your adorable pup, natch. =)