Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg

I think I like using the larger picture format for my lead outfit shots; the detail is much easier to see, isn't it? Of course you can always click each photo to enlarge, but it seems like it's easier not to have to go through that extra step. Feedback is appreciated!

I felt like an Easter egg in this outfit, in the best possible way. I'm not usually one to wear lots of pastel colors together, but I really loved how the deeper teal shades gave the outfit some contrast. Note that none of the colors really match, but they all go together: the shoes, for instance, contain shades of teal that are just on either side of the skirt in terms of intensity, and the purple panels across the tops of the shoes tie in the purplish top without being exactly the same hue. This was a fun outfit, both to put together and to wear.

Making the outfit even more fun was how many of the items in it were gifts; note the list below.

Top: a gift from Mom
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Belt: a gift from my sister
Skirt: a gift from Sal
Tights: Hue
Shoes: John Fluevog
Bracelet: Betsey Johnson
Necklace: Ambiance on Haight Street


Chelsea said...

I was totally gonna comment yesterday on your bigger photos... because I love 'em! I vote to continue :)

Also, your friends/family know you so well! Wonderfully Audi-cious pieces that you've put together masterfully as usual. You look lovely.

Anonymous said...

I too like the bigger photos. And those shoes are perfect with the rest of the items.


Unknown said...

Oooh, what a pretty outfit! It's funny, every time I comment I feel like I say "I don't do _____ but I love it on you!" And it's always true! That's the beauty of fashion blogs, I think - you get to see other people look fabulous every day in things you wouldn't wear but still appreciate. I adore your outfits because they are smart, chic and edgy and always suit you perfectly.

Rebecca said...

I'm definitely a fan of a larger lead photo. I like bigger pictures in general, because it is easier to see the pretty clothes.

Laura said...

Yes to the bigger pictures.

Your necklace has (is?) interesting shapes and it looks neat overlapping your tattoo.

melymn said...

What a light, lovely spring combo. I'm loving all these colours mixed up together.

Anonymous said...

I'm warming up to pastels, too. What's that ABOUT?

I'm seriously so tickled every time you wear that skirt. It languished unloved for ages in my closet!

Melanie Grace Designs said...

Love the Fluevogs and the necklace. You look adorable.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Love seeing the big picture. :-)

Great mix of colours here. I love how everything ties together.