Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dressing for the Season

I figured I'd better sneak in one more wear of this fabulous furry vest before we get too much further into spring. Despite it still being pretty chilly here, I've decided to make a concerted effort this year to dress for the season, which means shelving much of my warmer stuff like this vest, and avoiding wintry combos such as tights and boots. I'm still planning on wearing some of my boots during the summer, I'm just going to try to do it sans heavy tights. This look most certainly says winter, but it was really cold and rainy that day so I felt it was necessary.

One of the problems with living in a climate that doesn't have temperature extremes is that my approach to dressing varies as little as the seasons do, which means I can get tired of seeing the same things hanging in my closet day after day. I figure if I try designating certain items for a particular season only, then I'll have a renewed interest in them when that season rolls around again. Thus, this furry vest goes in the Winter pile for the time being, as do many of the other garments in this outfit. The leather pants might prove to be a multi-seasonal item, but for the next several months they'll most likely be appearing with sandals instead of boots.

How does your wardrobe change with the different seasons? Do you physically pack up items and put them aside for the season, or do they co-mingle in your closet all year round? Does this contribute to how long your items have interest and appeal for you?

Vest: Adrienne Landau
Scarf: Duke et Duchesse
Sweater: All Saints
Pants: Firetrap
Boots: Bos and Co.


Unknown said...

Love that vest!

I have the same problem with my closet as you do. Bay Area weather is fantastic, but the lack of extremes does mean little to no seasonal rotation of clothing items. I tend to only wear sweaters when it is literally freezing out, and those all live in a drawer together. Everything else is fair game, all the time. It does get a little boring sometimes but since my closet is in such a transitional period right now, I can see a lot of things that I'm sick of that will just get donated.

Chelsea said...

what an interesting concept, audi! i now feel completely validated in the boredome I feel at times when I feel like I'm wearing the same thing all the time. to counter this I've experimented with taking things that seem much more warm-weather-like, and layering under and over them to keep myself warm.

today I told the weather to fuck off and didn't bring a coat to work. regretting that decision now! thankfully I did bring a cashmere scarf just in case :)

Cynthia said...

The world would be a better place if more scientists wore fur vests.

I have pretty limited closet space and a horrendous shopping habit, so this year I'm trying a concerted strategy of rotating clothes out into a couple of stash boxes, keeping less-probable items in my #2 closet, and thinning what hangs in my #1 closet.

Eleanorjane said...

Yup, definately rotate with the seasons - and it's just about time to haul out the long sleeved tops and merino for the winter. I've already gotten out my boots, tights and winter coats.

It does help the excitement of a new season to pull out things you'd forgotten about and still like. But then I also pull out things and think 'why did I keep that, I need to throw it out and buy something else!' or I go to pull out winter tops and find that I've only got two or three... so shopping ensues.

I'm in Auckland, New Zealand, which is subtropical, so it really doesn't get that cold in winter, but it's a bit of a rainy and miserable autumn (fall) day today.

Anonymous said...

I live in New England and grew up with a mom who literally packed up seasonal items and moved them out of reach for the duration, so I am used to not wearing things for extended periods of time. Granted, we can have extremes within a season (example: on Sunday it was 36F and sleeting/snow, today it was 80F and humid), but in general my "fall/winter" stuff gets ignored from late April through late October, and vice versa. I do find I look forward to wearing things again after a 6 month hiatus and I have a sweater collection due to our miserably cold snowy winters. It makes winter something to look forward to.

CC said...

I pack stuff away! Then when fall comes it is so much fun to pull out my sweaters and boots and tights. In six months you can forget what you have so it is kind of like opening presents. :) Obviously much of my clothing is all season and gets used all year long, but for the really season specific things, like boots and sandals - put it away.

Megan G said...

We have fairly "real" seasons here in the Southeast - even if they are a bit unstable. I try to pack some things away as solely for winter or summer, but like today, had to pull out a thicker cardi for warmth. I have packed away most wooly things though.

I also try to rotate where I store things/the order I keep them. It mixes things up and causes some accidental pairings I would have never tried.

I love your big fuzzy vest! It would look right at home out in a snowy tundra.

Stacy said...

That fur vest is so cute on you, and definitely says "winter".

Here in MN we pack away clothes. Our weather extremes make it so we have two distinct wardrobes. I don't pack all of my summer stuff away, as I can layer that in the winter. I do pack away all those sweaters, though. It is a good time to purge stuff when it's time to go into storage, too. Whatever didn't get worn over the winter goes in the donate pile.

Shybiker said...
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Shybiker said...

That's an amazing vest. It makes you look incredibly chic.

And thank you for the comment today. Believe it or not, it made me cry... (in a good way).

Mikaela said...

i don't rotate my clothes! unless you count that i refuse to wear any down jackets/vests after april! but it sure gets cold sometimes at night that i want to pull it out

i live in sf too, for the reference, and i hate that it's almost always too cold to wear tights, even in summer! or the usual, it'll be warm during the day, but drop again at night

Mikaela said...

oops i meant almost always too cold to NOT wear tights, or leggings, with dresses, even in summer

bc i feel silly wearing either of those during 'summer', but the wind sure makes it chilly!!

painting with fire said...

Here in Michigan our temperature ranges are so great that everyone packs out of season clothing away. Am eagerly waiting for it to be convincingly warm enough to make the switch because I'm sick of needing heavy sweaters! Few more weeks of temps ranging from 20s to 80s before it gets consistent enough to put away the winter gear though.

Cel said...

I wear most of my wardrobe all year round, but part of this is because I have a more limited wardrobe. If I put away all my summer dresses - instead of wearing them layered to make them warmer - I'd have almost nothing to wear in winter!

I find the seasonal change freshens up the pieces anyway. It's so fun and free to finally wear a pretty dress sans tights or layered long sleeve tee underneath it, it's like wearing a whole different dress.