Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brick Wall

I finally got to wear this maxi dress with bare legs, and what a difference it made -- this was lightyears more comfortable than having to deal with tights underneath. I'm excited about the possibilities for wearing it through the summer. For this outfit, I added navy blue and orange to give it a nautical touch.

Dress: Forever 21
Top, belt: Red Dress Shoppe
Scarf: Banana Republic
Shoes: BC Footwear

On a completely random and unrelated note, I realized something about myself this morning as I was driving to work: I deeply dislike songs that have choruses of children in them. Get those kids out of my rock song! Moreover, I think it's because I feel like kids should be chaotic, so having a bunch of them them doing something as organized and disciplined as singing in harmony creeps me out in a Village of the Damned sort of way.

A brick wall... I must think of a brick wall!


Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

But how else will I know that we don't need no education?

Unknown said...

Ooh, I'm wearing a striped maxi dress today, too! It's so crazy comfortable, I can't believe I waited this long to get one!
Also, I totes agree with you about choruses of children in rock songs. It's just creepy!

Evelyn said...

Choruses of children in rock songs sung by adults seem very out of place, but I recently fell in love with "Innocence and Despair," which is an old recording of Canadian public school children singing all sorts of rock classics. (I guess they weren't classic yet at that point.) "Desperado" with an 8-year-old girl soloist is just exquisitely heartbreaking.

The Nightmare Child said...

Oh, I have to disagree in regards to the music statement.

Boingo - Insanity.

Danny Elfman can do no wrong.

CC said...

Love the maxi dress - they are indeed much more comfy without tights.

Scary Closet said...

Bwahahaha!!!! You just made my day! Thank you for the laughter - and the maxi dress looks lovely on you.

Personally, I wish there was more saxophone in rock music. But not cheezy, schmaltzy sax. That stuff, well, blows.

Christine said...

Choruses with children reminds me of this attempt to create the worst song ever:

Excerpt: "Komar & Melamid and David Soldier’s list of undesirable elements included holiday music, bagpipes, pipe organ, a children’s chorus and the concept of children in general (really?), Wal-Mart, cowboys, political jingoism, George Stephanopoulos, Coca Cola, bossanova synths, banjo ferocity, harp glissandos, oompah-ing tubas and much, much more.

Healthy and Homemade said...

I want a striped maxi dress!! So perfect for the warmer weather =)

tinyjunco said...

yeah, all that dress with tights under would be a massive twisty-sticky fest. plus, it has a great hotter weather feel! love it with the sheer navy over top.

couldn't agree more re: childrens' chorii. however, you've now inspired me to put on the milk eyed mender for the umpteenth time this week....go figure. steph

Sheila said...

Is it maxi-dress/skirt week or something? I'm doing one of my long skirts today as well!

Love this with the navy and orange.

I'm generally not big on children singing - although for utter cheese, there's a song off "The Lost Boys" soundtrack, I think it's "Cry Little Sister" that uses a children's chorus to good effect.

Cel said...

Are you talking about a Pink Floyd song? Because I'm always rather annoyed when kids randomly start singing in his songs... it just doesn't seem to fit. I love the blue top.

D said...

I thought I was the only person on earth who hates rock songs with children singing in them...phew! I'm not alone!