Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sneaky Hangover

If you read Sal's blog you probably can already guess where this dress came from; I bought it in New York when we visited the Desigual shop. That was an interesting shopping experience, to say the least. It was the morning after my night of poorly planned and even more poorly executed drinking at the Empire Hotel, and I woke up feeling remarkably chipper, so Sal and I happily scampered off to Desigual before she left for the day to visit a friend.

Everything was going along swimmingly until about 30 minutes into our shopping session, when I was suddenly overcome with a wave of sweaty nausea and lightheadedness in the dressing room. By the time I was ready to bring my purchases to the counter I had to sit down on one of the displays, for fear I might pass out or vomit right then and there. Sneaky hangovers are the worst. But you can see what a committed shopper I am; even in my wretched and half-dead state I was able to pick out this and another dress, plus a tunic-length top. I just love the beaded silver go-go dancer on the dress, and the fact that it has long sleeves makes it great for the San Francisco climate.

I paired the dress with this adorable scarf that was given to me by the folks at Eileen Fisher when we visited their studio. I love all the pompoms around the edge; it's like a party around my neck. To secure the ends of the scarf I added a brooch that my aunt gave me for our belated Christmas gift exchange.

Scarf: Eileen Fisher
Dress: Desigual
Tights: Sock Dreams
Boots: Bronx


Healthy and Homemade said...

Hooray for NOT barfing in public! I had a mishap last year on St. Patty's, thank God I have no recollection of said event.

That dress is beyond perfect for you =)

Sheila said...

That is a fabulous dress. I love Desigual's stuff - I had my eye on a skirt with that go-go dancer on it, but they sold out.

Unknown said...

What a fab dress! I bet it's even more amazing in real life! Love that scarf too - such cute little bobbles!