Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Going to the Vet

This was my "taking Georgie to the vet" outfit; it needed to be comfortable and not easily wrinkled as I loaded Georgie in and out of the car and knelt down to hold her for the vet to examine (she's fine, by the way -- she had a back spasm that was causing her some pain when she jumped up).

I tucked the jeans into the short boots by tucking them first into a long, thick pair of gray socks. This kept the hem of the jeans firmly in place even when bending or sitting down. For a little sparkle I added this pretty hammered gold necklace I bought awhile back (I liked it so much I got one for my mom for Christmas too). I love the organic shapes of the circles and the way the necklace fills out the entire neckline.

Vest: Forever 21
Tunic: All Saints
Necklace: from Ambiance in SF
Jeans: Joe's
Boots: Bastien


Anonymous said...

I'm going to try this trick for tucking pants into low boots. I hate fighting to keep them where I want them!


WendyB said...

Man, I've never looked so good at the vet's!

tinyjunco said...

muscle spasms can be pretty hard on jumpin' quadrupeds - i'm glad Georgie is fine!

that's a great tip on the boots - i find it's worthwhile to experiment with different socks, ways of layering/tucking with boots. you'll hit on the way that keeps everything in place.

when i'm wearing boots UNDER skinny jeans/jeggings, BEFORE i put the boots on i pull the jean leg over the boot leg (push the pant leg down to the ankle of the boot), then put my foot in the boot and fasten. you put the pants on the boots before you put either on your body. do with both feet, then pull up your jeans and no troubles adjusting everything (or getting jeans on over your boots).

these little tricks make a big difference....that's a wonderful casual/active outfit, and a really pretty necklace. give georgie a smooch from me! steph

Unknown said...

Such a simple trick for keeping your denim in place! I love it!

Kimbra Sue said...

That is a fun shirt!

Sheila said...

I do that too - it also helps with jeans that are a little wide at the bottom, because then you can wrap them around your leg before you put on the sock.

Scary Closet said...

I JUST tried the socks-over-pants-to-keep-tucked-into-boots-trick! The other thing I want to try is to make removable "stirrups" out of mitten clips and elastic.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love how pulled together this look is. You look comfortable and stylish. Glad Georgie is OK.