Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fashion Week Roundup

I've never done any Fashion Week posts before, but I figured it was about time to try one out. I've been looking at all the new collections with much greater scrutiny this year than I have in the past, and I thought I'd share some of my favorite looks and the inspiration they've given me. This post is assembled from several different Fashion Weeks (New York, Paris, etc.), but all are the fall 2011 collections.

Prabal Gurung showed several bold black and red looks, and I definitely want to work up some of my own. I loved the use of the gorgeous Wolford Hero tights, so much so that I just purchased a pair for myself. The bondage-inspired tights combined with flowing chiffon fabrics and soft colors is a great blend of edgy and feminine, and that white and cream outfit is one I want to steal from top to bottom.

I was blown away by the sumptuous colors and textures at Gucci; these outfits epitomize classic Hollywood glamour while adding a new twist with the striking color combinations. It was hard to narrow it down to just a few looks to show here; the whole collection is a feast for the eyes. These are some color mixes that I'm definitely going to be trying out myself.

DSquared2 made me realize that I desperately need a floor length leather coat. I loved the tall, wide-brimmed hats as well.

 Sweet, flapper-inspired looks by Chris Benz. I loved the soft plaids and muted yellows.

 Diesel Black Gold shows us that leather pants are sticking around for next fall and winter, and I for one am glad. Although now I wish I had a pair in olive green.

 Christian Dior has been a favorite of mine for several seasons now. How the company will ever succeed without John Galliano is beyond me. For all his faults, the man is a genius. I loved the different combinations of skirts or shorts with tall boots, the rich color combinations, and the structured elements combined with slouchy hats, soft fur, and relaxed layers. All of these looks are chic without being fussy. OTK, lace-up boots are definitely on my shopping list for fall.

 Sharply-defined waists, mixtures of masculine and feminine elements, and beautiful silk prints were the standouts at Giles. Some of the outfits really overdid it with the monkey fur (which I believe is actually made from goat hair nowadays), but I liked it as a trim on the full skirt.

Haider Ackerman's entire collection was simply stunning; I loved seeing elegant gowns combined with pants and blazers, and those big wide belts add an interesting edge to the dressy silks.

 I normally don't pay too much attention to Ralph Lauren as I usually find their collections to be too conservative for my taste, but these 20's and 30's-inspired outfits definitely hit a nerve. I've also never considered the cloche as an evening-worthy hat, but now I'm changing my mind.

 Sarah Burton did an admirable job with the new collection at Alexander McQueen, although to me it doesn't have the magic of the late genius's work. That fur-trimmed coat-dress is really something though, and there's yet another pair of tall lace-up boots to tempt me.

 Ethnic prints, fur trim, and more of that gorgeous emerald green color were some of my favorite elements at Oscar de la Renta. And that multi-print plaid gown is wonderful; I normally don't go for one-shoulder dresses, but the balance provided by the offset ruffles really makes the dress work for me.

 Elie Tahari's collection had quite a few standouts; the smoky gray and head-to-toe cream outfits are ones I would love to try a variation on.

Someday I would love to own a Temperley London dress; the styling is always impeccable. Here's another one-shoulder dress that somehow works; I think it's the way the sleeve and the flower detail balance each other. And look, more black and red!

 I loved the cool shaping on the leather jackets at Junya Watanabe.

 Yohji Yamamoto gave me some more ideas for black and red, and I loved some of the playful elements such as the cage skirts.

Finally, I couldn't leave out the sleek minimalism of Helmut Lang, who as we know designs garments specifically for me. I'm not loving the model's haircut, but the outfits are cool and totally wearable.

Did you follow any of the Fashion Week events? Is there anything outstanding that I'm missing here? What were your favorite collections, and did you get any great new ideas from them?


Penelope said...

Just from these photos, my reactions are:
1) OMG I need a long leather coat like that. <3
2) yay for mixing jeweltones, yummy!
3) lace up boots! yay! Need more!
4) that plaid one shoulder dress is amazing. I seriously hate asymmetry in clothing but I think I would actually wear that. Love.

I need to try some color ideas with multiple jewel tones- I usually tend to do shades of the same thing with a neutral for contrast, rather than green and blue. Hmmm.

LPC said...

Ah! Best Fashion Week post of all. How interesting to see your personal take on all this, rather than some ostensibly objective review.

Nefertiti said...

j aime assez ce style (surtout le masculin/feminin et le style un peu gangster )apres il faut pouvoir le porter au quotidient et la c est deja plus difficile ;O)

Ru said...

I am amused by the 80s color palette at Gucci. Those baby boomers who still wear their 80s windbreakers (the ones that include geometric patchwork to make sure they get all those colors in there) are starting to look "in" again and that's kind of scary. ;)

Michelle said...

Love it!

The colours at Gucci made me swoon....

Nubby Tongue said...

(Unless this is just a reflection of your personal preferences) it looks like I should expect lots of jewel tones and rich neutrals this fall. Sweet!!

Those Gucci looks, btw, are breathtaking. I particularly love those mahogany boots, and the dark lips were a great styling choice.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I've been loving Gucci (those colour combinations) and Haider Ackerman. I could see you looking amazing in all and any of these looks.

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

love your roundup - the best I've seen, you really picked the eyes out of it.

Sheila said...

You have impeccable taste and a great eye for structural detail, Audi!

I finally found a pair of leather pants - a lovely cognac colour. I'll be wearing them next Friday.

Meadow Walk said...

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous snapshot of ideas. I have a new Pinterest account and have flagged some of my favorites -- especially the color combos! I can't buy designer clothes... but I could buy a dark turquoise necklace and a deep green necklace and wear them together to mimic one of the color combos.

I finally graduated and got a job, am working in a Loop high rise, and I can actually spend time and effort on what I wear. It's fun to plan outfits and I find inexpensive accessories make me happy. Today I am wearing an animal print top with an attached fake leather and chain collar. I feel very bossyboots LOL