Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello from New York!

I made it to New York, and I have to admit that the weather here is nowhere near as frightening as I feared it would be. It's cold, but the streets and sidewalks aren't covered in slush and I haven't seen a single snowflake yet. It's great to have a few days to explore the city, and of course, to hang out with Sal. Since I'm having a bit of trouble getting Flickr to post my images using my laptop, I think I may just take a hiatus from blogging, or at least from posting outfit photos. I'll be back to my regular posting on the 28th, and in the meantime Sal may be posting updates from her blog. See you soon!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After the film noir festival the other week I was feeling very femme fatale, so I put together this outfit using a couple of new items I got recently from All Saints. This is the Heta Hunting jacket and matching skirt, which together make a beautiful suit that to me has a very 1940's vibe. I added my own classically-styled fedora (with a proper brim, mind you; none of this stingy-brimmed hipster nonsense) to give it more of a vintage feel. All I need is a tiny pistol in my garter and I'll be all set.

As with all of All Saints' clothing, this suit has loads of beautiful details. The high-backed collar, the origami folded lapels, the asymmetrical draping on the skirt and the deep blue fabric woven throughout with faint gray lines all give these pieces a timeless quality. Since the neckline on the jacket is so dramatic I opted not to add a necklace, instead just letting my lace-trimmed cami peek out a tiny bit. The olive green cami, with its tiny red bow detail, tied in the rest of my olive and red elements.

This was my first order from the US All Saints site, so I'll share my observations. First, the sizes on the US site are indeed listed in the UK equivalents, so for instance if you order a size 10 you're getting a US 6. Shipping from the US was inexplicably slow; in fact, I've ordered things from the UK site and had them show up more quickly. And finally, the dress I ordered along with this suit still had the security tag on it, so now I have to haul it down to the store on Geary Street where hopefully they can remove it for me. All in all I've had much better experiences shopping on the UK site, but I'm hoping that this was just a fluke. Either way when shopping online with All Saints it's a good idea to check both sites; not only is the stock different but sometimes the prices vary greatly too.

Jacket, skirt: All Saints
Camisole: Glam Garb by Gunlis
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Faryl Robin
Hat: Audra Jean

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is my Wendy B tribute pose; I totally missed out on the contest, but I figured I could still rip off her signature pose and post it over here. Hopefully she doesn't bitch slap me for it when I'm in New York later this week. You don't scare me, Wendy! However your weather does. Don't throw a snowball at me!

Every time I wear this dress someone comments on the bright red color. On my scout's honor this dress is ORANGE. A reddish orange to be sure, but still squarely within the orange family of hues. My camera clearly does not agree.

Cardigan: Anthropologie
Dress: Orla Keily
Belt: a gift from mom
Tights: Foot Traffic
Boots: from Scoop in Copenhagen

Monday, February 7, 2011


If you live outside of California and are wondering where the sun and all its heat is, well, we seem to be hogging it all over here in the Bay Area. Early last week when I wore this outfit, it was barely making it into the low 50's during the day, but by the weekend it was downright HOT. As in shorts and bare arms kind of hot. As in don't leave the house without your sunscreen hot. Apparently there just isn't enough sun to go around right now; sorry guys. Don't blame me; you can always come to California, you know.

Speaking of the miserable weather in the rest of the country, that's exactly what I'm headed for on Thursday, and I have to admit I'm slightly terrified. First I'm off to New York to meet up with Sal for some Fashion Week events and also to meet a few of my favorite other bloggers; after that I'm headed to Seattle for my friend Lisa's wedding, and from there I'll continue to Oregon to visit my family and attend my sister's wedding. It's the New York bit that really scares me; other than a couple of times in Iceland, the last time I had any serious exposure to snow was in 2000, and believe me I have not missed it. You might even say I've actively avoided it.

Whenever I think about how wimpy I am when it comes to temperature extremes (and by "extremes" I mean anything lower than 50°F or higher than 80°F), I'm reminded of that old song from the 90's, "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)." The line goes, "Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard; live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft." Well, if being soft is a crime then lock me up; just don't make me live anywhere it snows.

Sweater dress: Banana Republic
Scarf: Forever 21
Belt: Audra Jean
Tights: MP, via Sock Dreams
Boots: Bata

Friday, February 4, 2011


Here's a captivating video of the magic that is the Edwardian Ball. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous costumes!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Noir City

One thing I love best about San Francisco is all the opportunities for getting dressed up. Last week it was the annual Noir City Festival at the Castro Theater. Now going to the Castro is an experience in itself; the 1922 theater, with its ornate architecture, Wurlitzer organ that pops up out of the stage, and enormous art deco chandelier, really gives you a sense of stepping back in time. The theater is also located right in the heart of the Castro district, so the calendar of events reflects the lively vibe of the neighborhood (which reminds me that sadly, I have still never been to one of their sing-along Sound of Music events).

San Francisco being a classic film noir setting, the Noir City event is quite popular, and lots of people get decked out in 40's and 50's attire. Luckily I had my 40's reproduction dress, as well as a vintage hat that I reshaped and trimmed myself (I bought it for $6 when I was with Sal out in Minneapolis over the summer). And boy, did I get a lot of compliments on this outfit. The best was from Eddie Muller himself, the organizer of the Noir City festival and author of several books about film noir. When you're at a film noir festival and the Czar of Noir says you look fabulous, you know you've done a good job getting dressed.

But here's the point I was really trying to get to: over a glass of wine after the double feature on Saturday, Laura, Fawn and I ended up discussing the goofy songs we sing to our pets. I used to make up songs all the time for my iguana, Pet; mostly they were just bits and pieces of songs that I inserted his name into. The better developed ones had to do with his scaly lips, his greenness, and his fondness for lounging in the sun. One was to the tune of the Oscar Mayer hot dog jingle. It went:

My Pet-boy has a first name, it's P-E-T... *exaggerated pause where the other two letters should have been*
My Pet-boy has a second name, it's B-O-Y...

I always imagined that Pet really enjoyed hearing me sing to him, but it's possible that he always closed his eyes because he was trying to tune me out. Recently I learned that Mark also makes up songs for Georgie (as do I), and I confirmed with Laura and Fawn that they also both write songs for their cats. It got me wondering if this is indeed a universal habit for people who are really crazy about their pets. So let's hear it; do you sing songs to your pets? Are they regular songs, or do you change the lyrics to include your pet's name and traits? Feel free to share your silliest songs; after all, we're all friends here.

Dress: ReVamp Vintage
Hat: vintage
Pearls: my grandma Ruth's
Textured tights (layered over black nylons): Sock Dreams
Shoes: Steve Madden

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Height Perception

This little lacy black dress is another one Mark and I use a lot for our Etsy shop photos, but that I rarely wear. I've actually owned it since about 1993, but with this season's resurgence in the lace trend, I figured it was high time I pulled it out again. These days I wouldn't wear it as a dress because it's so short (somehow it seemed ok when I was 24, even though it barely covers my butt), but it makes a great layering piece.

I've noticed  from time to time in the comments that people will assume I'm petite, and I wonder why this is. I'm actually 5'8" in bare feet, and the other day I got to thinking that I must subconsciously assume other bloggers are all roughly the same height I am, because I'm surprised if I find out they're considerably taller or shorter. Do we perceive height differently depending on how tall we are ourselves? I wonder also how much of our own body image plays into it; if someone feels they're too short, for instance, does everyone else automatically get perceived as taller, whereas someone who is comfortable with her height (or simply doesn't care) assumes everyone else is the same size?

Why do people care so much about height anyway, other than difficulty in finding clothes that fit? My only gripe about shopping for my own height is that sleeves are often too short, hence I push them up to my elbows a lot. Other than that I wouldn't say I spend much time thinking about it; until of course someone says I'm petite and gets me ruminating on the subject.

How do you perceive the height of people you see on the internet or on TV? How much do you think your own body image plays into those perceptions?   

Brown dress: from Ruby on Haight Street
Black dress: Betsey Johnson
Necklace: from Ambiance on Haight Street
Belt: Audra Jean
Skirt: thrifted and shortened
Bracelet: Leslie Danzis
Tights: Falke
Shoes: Fly London

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Has everyone signed the petition for Team Jennine yet? In the event that the scandal that's rocking the blogging world hasn't reached you, Jennine Jacob of the original The Coveted has had her blog name ripped off by... oh, I don't know -- some jackass whose blog I didn't read anyway. And clearly never will now. The whole sordid episode has already been discussed at length by Sister Wolf, Wendy B, Kingdom of Style, Make Do Style, and so many others, so I'll just add my humble contribution to the growing maelstrom of outrage and leave it at that.

In short, I wish all manner of nastiness upon the perpetrators, including (but not limited to): parking tickets, tax audits, a prolonged visit from their in-laws, clogged drains, alarm clocks that inexplicably go off at 4 am, chronic bad breath, and socks that go missing in the dryer. A curse upon you, thieves! Please feel free to heap your ill-wishes upon the scoundrels in the comments.

Oh, and if you buy Wendy B's fabulous swear rings, she will donate part of the proceeds to help Jennine with her legal fees. Which, in truth, will probably prove to be far more useful than the curses you'll find over here. Not that those aren't fun too.  

Jacket: thrifted
Necklace: Manu Lizarralde
Shorts: White House Black Market
Harness: Audra Jean
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: MIA