Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I really liked how this outfit turned out; it had sort of a circus ringleader vibe to it, and all the pieces worked together so well. I did discover the particular challenges that this skirt presents for taking public transportation though; its snug fit and zero stretch fabric make stepping up onto a bus stair really problematic. Thankfully the zippers are actually functional, so I was able to unzip one of them a few inches to give my legs more room to bend.

I've never worn this shirt before; it's mainly used to style harnesses and belts for Mark's Etsy listings, so it doesn't get hung up with the other shirts in my closet. That morning I happened to spot it hanging up with some finished harnesses and knew it'd be perfect to pair with the striped skirt. Of the few things I ordered last year from Clockwork Couture, this shirt is the one item that has reasonable quality; the others have had belt loops that tear free at the slightest tug, buttons that fall off, and fabric that looks cheap. Hence, the other shirt I ordered from them ended up being relegated to use as a prop.

Shirt: Clockwork Couture
Velvet blazer: a gift from Sal
Vest: Last Kiss
Skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Boots: All Black


Sheila said...

That skirt is just fabulous! You look like a perfect ringmaster (ringmistress?).

Brittney said...

hello, skirt. my name is brittney. you must be mine. k? k.

A-C said...

Hooray for fully functional zippers! Too bad the blouse isn't of such great quality, because the frills look really cool.

freeda said...

I'm in love with the blouse! I hope you find other ways to mix it in sometime soon!

An Engineer's Closet said...

This is a really cool combination of stripe patterns!

Anonymous said...

LOVE. Glad that shirt is getting some wear - it's truly stunning.

laura said...

I REALLY love your outfit! It's really polished and playful at the same time!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Ooh, loving your skirt. And the shirt is great, I've admired it on your Etsy listings before.

Unknown said...

as above, i like your skirt <3