Friday, December 10, 2010


For this outfit I tried something completely different with this dress, covering the top half by buttoning the jacket up all the way. I was immediately struck by how just buttoning the jacket gave the outfit a Victorian vibe, so I built on that by adding the tulle skirt to give the dress a fuller shape. I thought the boots added a little bit of an equestrian feel.

To bring in some more off-white and continue in the vintage vein, I finished off the outfit with my grandmother's double-stranded pearl necklace. I just love this necklace; it's classic without looking stodgy, and of course every time I wear it I'm reminded of my wonderful grandma Ruth. I think she would've liked this outfit; I felt very ladylike wearing it, and my grandma Ruth was most definitely a lady.

Well, I'm off to start my weekend early. Happy Friday, everyone!

Dress: eShakti
Jacket: a gift from Sal
Skirt: Noa Noa
Boots: Modern Vintage


lawyerdoll said...

I'm sure your Grandma Ruth would be proud- you look amazing. I just love all the small buttons on that jacket.

tinyjunco said...

beautiful! and how lovely to be reminded of your grandma all day.

you look like a little victorian 12 year old girl ready to sneak outside and get into some mischief : )

off to your neck of the woods today - kpfa crafts fair. i've never been and am looking forward to it - one of a kind pieces galore! hope you all have a great weekend, steph

WendyB said...

OT: necklaces on the way!