Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Way to go, Giants!

Holy smokes, our little team up and won the championship! I still can't believe it; I've been a Giants fan since I was a little girl, and one of my earliest memories is of listening to the games on a little transistor radio with my dad. Winning the World Series was a long time coming, but it was worth the wait. I'm so proud of our rag-tag group of outcasts and misfits; this is a team that really represents the spirit of San Francisco, and it's obvious how much the city truly loves them.

Better still is the sportsmanship exhibited by both the teams and the fans during the series. We heard last night on the news that the Texas fans were really hospitable and welcoming to Giants fans who traveled to Arlington for the series, and that warms my heart. This was a contest that everyone could feel good about. This is what baseball is all about, not big salaries and bigger egos and anabolic steroids and sex scandals, just a genuine love of the sport. Who needs superstars when the team is so completely united that every guy on the roster, including the rookie, is giving it his all? 

Last night, as you might imagine, the streets were abuzz with activity; horns honking, carloads of people driving by shouting and waving orange towels out the windows, spontaneous street parties that blocked off whole sections of the streets, people out on their front porches high-fiving passersby. Mark and I went walking around in the neighborhood, and it was an evening I'm not likely to forget. Tomorrow there'll be a parade to welcome our heroes back home, and I'm determined to attend.

Way to go, Giants! San Francisco loves you! And now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to vote on the seemingly endless list of propositions that clog California's ballot every election...

Dress: F21 (formerly a turtleneck, but I chopped the neck out and left the raw edge)
Vest, skirt: F21 (wow, I didn't even realize this whole outfit was F21 until just this minute)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Faryl Robin
Necklace: from a shop in Prague
Revelers last night in the Lower Haight.


Sara said...

Congrats Giants! I'm definitely glad they won and not Texas.

Next year, I swear to God, it better be the Cubs' turn...Its been a frickin' century already!

tinyjunco said...

Congrats Giants! they sure had to wait a while....being an east bay girl, i've always been prejudiced towards the A's. i was a girl when they had that great line up with Rolly Fingers, Catfish Hunter, etc. (god, just the names from back then are great! and those ornate moustaches!)

it's a lot of fun that this SF team has that same kind of off beat flavor...a real 'SF' kind of team, instead of a bunch of big-name, overpaid sports divas.

i'm just glad there was no quake, like in the battle of the bay - holy smokes! have a great time at the parade, it should be a blast!! steph

p.s. luvin' the horizontal tie dye vs. vertical tulle gathers...grey....num.

et said...

I'm going to take another look at that turtleneck dress I never want to wear - maybe the neck is the problem! Cute outfit. (My family is from TX so I'll just say congrats to SF.)

Marie said...

You are so brave, I have never chopped a sweater but it's a fab idea. Love the tights-
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

MJ said...

As a Rangers fan & a resident of Arlington, I'm sad my team lost but glad to hear we're getting such good press for our hospitality. We're also hosting the upcoming Super Bowl so lots of opportunities for displaying our Southern hospitality. The general feeling I heard around here was 'Yeah we lost but what a ride!'.

Because I feel I must comment on your attire I have to say I love that necklace & the tights. We had a bit of cool down here & I'm already pulling out the tights.

WendyB said...

I love that you de-turtled a turtleneck.

lawyerdoll said...

I've been thinking about cutting up a turtleneck I've decided I don't like.

Seeing you well it worked for you is giving me the push. But wou do you keep it from unravelling?

Emily Kennedy said...

Yaaayyyyyyyy GIANTS!!! Even my grandpa was a Giants fan. Giants fandom goes way back in my family too. I was so excited last night, I spammed them all with congrats texts. What freaky good fortune. Now if only we could elect just one reasonable candidate in Kansas, dreams really could come true.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

So pleased for your team. And your outfit is wonderful. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're the queen of layering.

Anonymous said...

Right on! Since the Twins couldn't hack it, glad the Giants could.

Was that tie-dye piece really a dress? So short! The tulle skirt beneath is brilliant, of course.

Zemlet said...

Are you psyched about All Saints opening in SF? We're getting one in Seattle as well--thank you for turning me onto that brand!

Sheila said...

I love the red shoes picking out the red in the necklace, and the stripes on the shirt hypnotize me. Lovely.

Yay, Giants! That's hockey, right? ;-P

kiki329 said...

I like your necklaces. It is so lovely.

Audi said...

Sara C: Bill Bryson wrote that the Cubs can't go to the World Series because it would spoil the long-held tradition of them not going. Let's hope he's not right!

lawyerdoll: The dress is made of ribbed jersey material, so I just left the edge raw; it curls up but should not unravel or fray. If it were made of fray-prone fabric I probably would have taken it to a tailor for a proper alteration.

Sal: Well, it IS from Forever 21, home of nothing but scandalously short dresses and skirts. It was listed as a dress, but on me I would be showing some serious chocha if I actually wore it that way.

Zemlet: I am psyched, but I'm also fearful for my wallet. ;-)

Jade said...

That necklace is amazing! love it!

Mina said...

I took that same tunic and wear it completely different. I love seeing how different people interpret the same pieces.