Friday, November 12, 2010

Suede Shorts

After many months of looking longingly at different pairs of leather shorts online, I finally followed Sal's lead and a pair myself. These started out as suede pants, which I picked up at Goodwill; a couple of snips with the scissors, a little folding, pressing, and sewing, et voila! Suede shorts, for $16. The best part is that Mark saved the rest of the pretty burgundy suede, which hopefully he'll turn into something amazing.

My first thought in creating an outfit with these shorts was to pair them with something unstructured on top, so that the outfit wouldn't be too risque for work. This sheer, leather-trimmed tank was actually something I selected in my head before I even started playing around with the actual clothes.When I got to my closet and started poking around, I thought at first glance that the tank would be too long, but after several fruitless attempts with other pairings, I gave it a shot and found it was just right.

The loose tank and asymmetrical cardigan keep the top half of the outfit interesting while still letting my legs be the star. I felt like anything fitted on top might push this outfit into the realm of office-inappropriate (although who knows, I might wear it that way anyway). Adding the socks kept my legs warm and somehow gave me the feeling of being less exposed.

Cardigan: All Saints
Tank: Black Market Baby
Bracelet: Leslie Danzis
Shorts: Wilson's Leather
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: MIA


Cynthia said...

As a biologist (of a sort) myself, I'm always curious about where you work that you get to be a hipster biologist in leather shorts. One of my Ph.D. graduates recently got a job in San Francisco and I was so jealous...

Anonymous said...

My husband is a chemist. When we first met, he had an overwhelming collection of tie-dyed t-shirts and button downs from the 80s. And not the kind I would call "vintage", which seems to indicated some degree of style or fashion. So thank you, Audi, for bringing style to the sciences ;)

Lydia said...

Audi, I so much appreciate this blog. I've hopped around several different personal style sites over the years. Yours is, far and away, my favorite. I appreciate your opinions and advice as much as your style sense.

Because I am That Sort of obsessive freak, I managed to skim your entire archives over the past two days (waking up at 4:30 this morning helped with that). It's been wonderful to see your style and methods subtly evolve.

It gives me hope for my own yet-undeveloped skill of ensemble-building. My wardrobe has what you might call Good Bones, but I haven't ever learned to combine the elements into interesting, non-repetitive combinations.

You are my new muse. Thank you.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Loving those shorts, your leather trimmed top and most of all those shoes. This is a fantastic look on you and shows off your great legs.

Claire said...

Those. Are. Amazing.

Suede burgundy shorts? Dreamy!

Really well put together outfit, too. Loose layers to soften, subdued palate to balance edginess. Nice.

lawyerdoll said...

Love that burgundy leather! And I think you are right about using a loose top to keep the outfit appropriate.

I just wish the top were a little shorted, so we could see more of that beautiful leather....

C said...

DAMN, Audi. This is fantastic. The shorts, the socks. You are hotness in this outfit!

Anonymous said...

Right on! I haven't found a single pair of retail leather shorts that seemed worth the price. DIYing 'em up is the way to go. These suede ones turned out beautifully!