Friday, November 5, 2010

One Fell Swoop

This is the other new pair of boots I alluded to yesterday. They're a little lighter than they appear in the photos, more of a camel color and not medium brown. Normally I avoid suede, but these were just so darn pretty I couldn't resist. They reach all the way up to my lower thighs and yet have no hint of a Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman hooker vibe.

One complaint about these is that on me they're a lot slouchier than they appear in the listing on Endless. In fact I had to tighten those straps at the top of the boots to keep them from slumping all the way down to my calves. But tightening the strap did work, and Mark had just the perfect buckles to put on them so that I don't have to take up the excess length by doubling it back through the front loops. It's a handy thing to have a leather craftsman in the house.

These boots take care of several fall trends in one fell swoop: OTK boots, camel, and suede; adding the military jacket and bubble-hem skirt brought the trend count to 5 in this single outfit. As for the big piece of string stuck to my right arm, that was purely accidental; good thing I noticed it before I left for work.

Jacket: thrifted
Belt: Audra Jean
Skirt: Attila Design
Boots: Apepazza


Sheila said...

Oh, those are fabulous boots! Good call on the "non-hooker", hee!

Love the bubble hem skirt with this - really takes it up a notch.

Brina said...

That skirt is fabulous, truly.

WendyB said...

I prefer saying "swell foop" ;-)

Fawn said...

Oooh, those are pretty. We must have a boots outing soon. Booooooots.

Yelena said...

Love how you made this outfit work without looking sloppy. Bubble skirts are sometimes hard to style :)
lovely blog! :)

Lindsey Cochran said...

I've had that same "slumping to my calves" problem with a pair of my over the knee boots. I solved it bywearing leg warmers bunched up just below my knees to add enough volume and friction to prevent the boot shaft from sliding earthward.

They are a wonderful boot. Love the fact that they have lug soles particularly.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Wow. That skirt is amazing, Audi. I am in total adoration for it.