Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Airing

You can tell how warm it still was when I wore this; we had some unseasonably hot weather which reached its peak the day the Giants came home for their celebratory parade. This outfit was worn right before it turned chilly again, when I had checked the forecast and thought I could eke out one more day of bare legs and arms. I took the opportunity to try out one of the cute pairs of ankle socks that I bought just as the last heat wave was ending.

I wore and posted this outfit almost verbatim last month; all I did to change it up was to replace the gray tank with an off-white one, swap the cowboy boots for socks and sandals, and add different jewelry. But I couldn't resist giving it another airing, because we don't get too many days around here that are suitable for wearing something like this, and I wanted to fully enjoy what was potentially the last really hot day we'll see until spring.

Vest: F21
Dress, skirt: Anthropologie
Socks: Sock Dreams
Sandals: John Fluevog
Jewelry: Betsy Johnson


WendyB said...

We're having a last bit of warmish weather too.

A-C said...

it HAD to be warm for you to be in short sleeves AND tightless!

It's really cold here and I don't think it'll be warming up again any time soon.

C said...

Wow! It has definitely turned brisk in Chicago, so I'm envying your bare limbs. :)

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Lucky you, it's rather chilly here. Love your drapey cardigan.

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... said...

I love this outfit! It's coming into summer down here in Australia and I'm always at a loss for cute hot weather outfits, but this combo is great!

Braxton and Yancey said...

Stop me if you've heard this one before.....I loove your sense of style. Seriously, no one rocks layers like you do. Greatly admire.
Howevah, do you have any advice for those of us with less elegent proportions? I stand just a smidge under 5 ft. and weigh approx. 105 - which means I have boobs and bum to spare. How can I dress in layers and not look rounder than I already do? Please wave your magic wand my way - I'd be so grateful.
Please stop in for a dose of the damn happy @

Busty Superhero Chick said...

I love this blog! I'm now a fan! :-D

Anonymous said...

You ROCK the socks-and-sandals, Audi.

Jackie W. - Kansas said...

Just today put sandals in a large box & stored under bed.