Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Splash of Mustard

This was my take on Clare's adorable outfit from a few weeks ago, which I liked so much that I copied, albeit with a few necessary changes. The dress is really thin to the point of being see-through, so I added the gray skirt underneath for opacity. The dress also has an empire waist, which makes it impossible to belt at the natural waist. However, putting a layer over it and belting over that does the trick, so whereas Clare wore her top layer open with the dress belted underneath, I belted my outfit on the topmost layer. Finally, I chose  sandals instead of cropped boots because I'd been wanting to try out a socks-with-sandals look.

I liked this look (thanks, Clare!); the soft jersey layers were really comfortable and I thought the splash of mustard yellow at the neckline made the outfit a lot more interesting than if it was just a mix of neutrals. The socks/sandals combo worked like a charm for keeping my feet blister-free and still staying cool. After this I was inspired to buy some more ankle socks, but of course it had started to cool down by the time they arrived in the mail. It's just like when I wash my car (which, admittedly, isn't very often); it's guaranteed to bring rain.

On a marginally-related side note, I have a real problem typing the word "sandals;" even when I concentrate it always seems to come out as "sandlas" on the first pass. Can fingers be dyslexic?

Cardigan: All Saints
Shirt: H&M
Dress: Lady Language
Skirt: S
Sandals: John Fluevog


HollyElise said...

You are not alone - I type "sandlas" too, every time :)

You look comfy and chic!

WendyB said...

I think "sandlas" should be the new word!

Audi said...

WendyB: Sweet! Then I never have to retype it again! :-)

Healthy and Homemade said...

Love the splash of color. And the socks + sandals work well on you!

Sheila said...

My fingers dyslexify (is that a word? should be!) many, many words, including my own name, which usually comes out "Sehial".

Love the socks and sandlas (hee).

Anonymous said...

I have GOT to sneak in some socks/Haights outfits before it gets too cold. This looks elegant and comfy all at once!

C said...

WOW. I LOVE your take on this. It is positively fantastic. Thanks for the very sweet shout-out as well. :)

C said...

Also, every time I try to go to You Tube, I type: www.youtuble.com

What is You Tuble??

Anonymous said...

Hi Audi! I haven't seen you look this "earthy"!!! I think its the socks and Vogs. In the top pic they look like Birkenstocks n sox!

Congrats to the Giants, I remember going to many games at Candlestick as a kid to watch Jack Clark and Joe Montefusco, Willie McCovey and the rest...