Friday, October 22, 2010

Softly Sculpted

This is one of my only pairs of shoes that is truly comfortable to wear without socks or tights. The ones I showed yesterday are adorable but make the balls of my feet burn by the end of the day. The Bobbi Blu's I showed the day before rub the sides of my toes and scrape the backs of my ankles. But these softly sculpted little flats make me feel like I'm padding along in slippers, even when it's scorching hot outside and my feet are sticky from sweating. They don't get a ton of wear at work, but they're certainly one of my go-to weekend pairs.

This top is strapless, which means it pretty much always gets worn with something else over it. For our sizzling weather I kept it light and cool with the thin jersey vest. The top is a great way to bridge brown and black together, since it contains a little of both. The light brown vest kept the look summery and soft, while the black skirt and belt punched up the contrast and helped define my figure.

Top: Mica
Vest: F21
Belt: Red Dress Shoppe
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Cydwoq


Anonymous said...

I just visited the Cydwoq site. Their shoes are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I can never find closed toe flats that don't hurt. I do good with flat sandals and with flat boots, but never just flat flats. I feel lucky SOMEthing flat works for me!

- Tessa