Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Science of Absinthe

Now before you think I've gone a little too far with trying to incorporate more of the Burning Man experience into my everyday life, let me set the record straight and tell you I did NOT wear this outfit to work. Sure, it's close to something I'd wear to work, and I've certainly worn all the individual items in other outfits, but this one crosses the imaginary boundary that exists in my head. I think it's the incredibly short length of the dress combined with the harness; one or the other I might do, but not both together. Actually I'm wearing the dress over a black skirt here, but the skirt is also scandalously short and the dress is ruched up to let a little of the hem show. But I could totally see putting black jeans, or a longer black skirt, under this and calling it office wear.

Where I did wear this outfit was to the "Science of Absinthe" night at the Academy of Sciences, during San Francisco Cocktail Week. What could be better than a whole week devoted to cocktails? All week long there were different events around town at bars and other venues, culminating over at the Ambassador lounge with the Chartreuse Karaoke Gong Show. Mark and I attended the absinthe event with our friends Pete and Cat, and Laura and I checked out the karaoke gong show for a special Monday session of Girls' Night Out, during which a few too many Chartreuse cocktails were consumed. I blame my inquisitive mind -- the first cocktails were so delicious that I simply had to determine if the other Chartreuse recipes were equally good. As far as I can remember, they were.

Dress: Local import store P-Kok
Harness: Audra Jean
Miniskirt: F21
Socks: Sock Dreams
Boots: Bronx


Healthy and Homemade said...

LOVE the over the knee socks! Subtle but sexy.

Jean said...

I admire your tenacity in testing those cocktails - all done in the name of research. Well done.

Meadow Walk said...

Ok I did it. I DID IT. I saw a top in my closet that is black and has a large pattern of cream and mauve flowers on it, that I was going to wear today. Nearby is a cardigan I bought this summer and not yet worn. It is black mostly but it has mauve and white stipes near the shoulders. They are not the same shade of mauve but close. Before reading your blog I would never never never never consider wearing them together.

OMG I AM WEARING THEM TOGETHER!!! stripes with floral! nothing holding them together but the similar colors!!! OMG! eeeeeee!!!!

It's crazy here, crazy I tell you!

My Sketchers even have embroidered panels with flowers on them and some are a kind of purply mauve but NOT THE SAME.

OMG!!! *hyperventilates* pattern mixing! eeeee!!!! I'm not matching!

I just... my gosh I just don't know what to do with myself at this point.

--M (in Chicago) flying without a fashion net

Marie said...

Love the design on that shirt, oh cocktails... I remember those. Sigh,
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Anonymous said...

That event sounds like it was MADE for you. And you looked absolutely stellar for it!

Kim said...

Love the outfit! I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and it sure has inspired me to push my limits on mixing things up. I even ordered one of the harnesses from etsy. I just need to figure out how to wear it. At 40, I figure if I don't do it now, when will I? Thanks!

FashionTheorist said...

Cocktail week at a science museum? Man, I'm jealous.

I love the boots/socks combination in this outfit: it balances the shorter dress perfectly.

C said...

Sounds like an awesome event. I've had absinthe (don't really care for it), but never chartreuse.

Love your outfit, too!!

Audi said...

Meadow Walk: Haha -- awesome! I'm so glad the world didn't come to an end when you mixed those patterns! ;-)

Kim: I hope you love the harness! I'm still figuring out all the ways I can wear mine.