Thursday, October 7, 2010

Potential for Injury

I just loved all these soft layers together, and adding the beat up cowboy boots gave it a touch of ruggedness that kept it from looking too dainty for my taste.

As you can probably tell, the temperatures were still soaring when I wore this outfit, and the lightweight fabrics and loose, flowy shapes were just perfect for the weather. I should point out that my work attire is sometimes misleading, because while we've had a nice long stretch of beautiful weather in San Francisco, I work in South San Francisco, which is a completely different city and has in my opinion the worst weather in the entire Bay Area. So when I'm at work shivering in the gale-force blowing fog, Mark is often sweating at home while he toils away making leather goods. On this day the two cities' weather happened to converge, and I was lucky enough to be prepared.

Tunic, skirt: Anthropologie
Tank: American Eagle
Vest: Forever 21
Boots: vintage Morgan

In other news, I was completely fascinated watching this video of a pair of John Fluevogs being created. But  geez, who knew that shoemaking had such potential for injury? The fingers held perilously close to the grinding wheel and belt sander, the cutting tool pulled forcefully towards the abdomen and crotch, the open flame with some sort of plasticky substance melting on it -- all I can say is, I hope our dear friend Mr. Fluevog has really good worker's comp insurance.


Sheila said...

That is a gorgeous outfit - all the layers makes me think of ballet, Cinderella, and ashes. The cowboy boots rule.

The weather up here is starting to turn - it's so chilly in the mornings and evenings now.

Emily Kennedy said...

Whoa. That video was intense! So that's what you're paying for when you buy a pair of Fluevogs! What an amazing amount of work!

Sara said...

Just discovered your blog and I'm absolutely loving this outfit! It has a color block feel but with very gentle colors and details. Huge thumbs up!!

phyllis said...

I love that video, he is clearly a master at his craft and proud of his skill. The methodical way he goes about it is mesmerizing. And that old Pfaff industrial he uses is pretty cool too!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted the video - I'd glossed over it when I initially saw it. Absolutely amazing.

Also these fluttery, flowy layers are simply lovely.

Healthy and Homemade said...

That video was amazing, but also sad because you know after all that work the man probably doesn't make much of anything in terms of $$.

Gorgeous flowy layers, love that you ruffed up the look with the boots.

ReaderRita said...

Love the floaty/earthy look of the outfit- it really screams "summer into fall" to me. Best of both worlds.

Thank you for the video! V. cool.
Such intense work with such a stunning outcome. Truly works of art. I sincerely hope that the workers at Casa Fluevog are well compensated for their expertise. He couldn't do it without them.
I am happy to pay a steeper price for a well made product! (but I always worry that the $ isn't going to the right hands...i.e.- the workers)
It seems like Fluevog understands how lucky he is, though. I hope that in turn translates to comfortable workers. We're lucky they do what they do!

Audi said...

Healthy and Homemade, Reader Rita: On the Fluevog website there is some info on the company's labor practices, and it also cites the compensation and benefits for their skilled craftspeople as one of the reasons their shoes cost what they do. Overall I have a very favorable impression of the company's committment to fair labor practices, and I feel like my dollars spent with that company are going to the right place. Having also talked with a former employee of theirs, it also seems like they take very good care of the folks who work in their retail stores, too. Company loyalty seems to run very high among the store employees, which I think says a lot.

Anonymous said...

The Fluevog video is amazing! I was startled to see that the shoe appears to be made, from beginning to end, by one man. Somehow, it makes it even more special. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I adore this look - those boots are so cool, especially with this draped, layered look. You look cool and confident!