Thursday, September 23, 2010

Suffer for Fashion

The original kernel of inspiration for this outfit was, "shorts with an oversized blazer," which ended up being a great starting point for building this look. I'm sure I got the idea from somebody's blog but at the moment my head is too wrapped up in other things to remember which one, so if it was yours, please stop in and take credit.

I love the fact that you could pretty much swap this whole outfit (maybe minus the tights) onto a boy and it would look equally good. And while we're on the subject, why can't boys wear tights, anyway? If they want to wear shorts on cooler days they just have to freeze, and that hardly seems fair. Oftentimes for the men photographed by the Sartorialist, even socks seem to be out of the question. Those poor guys, with their frozen legs and blistered, sweaty feet. And people say that women suffer for fashion.

Jacket: Nanette Lepore, thrifted
Shirt: J. Crew, thrifted
Waistcoat: Last Kiss
Shorts: Mango
Tights: Falke
Boots: Doc Martens


FashionTheorist said...

Y'know, I've often wondered, looking at photos of men on street style blogs, whatever happened to the masculine sock. Where has it gone? More to the point, why? It seems unkind not only to the male ankle (often chafed-looking) but to the poor, abused shoe...

My husband, on the other hand, has embraced thigh-high socks as a way to extend the wearability of his kilt for a few months into the spring and autumn.

I love the combination of shades and textures you've got going on in this outfit. The subtle color scheme really highlights the unusual silhouette and proportions.

Meghan Edge said...

I want this outfit in my closet. It's awesome.

Beck, At Her Best said...

This is a fantastic look!

I love wearing tights with shorts, and I could be biased by some people from Flickr but I think even with the tights it would look great on a guy. They wore them in the Renaissance, why not now?

p.s. I've been following your blog in Google Reader for ages, I dont know why it's taken me so long to comment.

madana said...

Again, amazing.

My boyfriend actually often wears tights with shorts in winter(woollen blend, which in fact were originally mine)

Keep up the amazing work, it is so inspiring :)

Madana x

Northmoon said...

Love this look!

Anonymous said...

I love this look - the proportions are just perfect as are those boots, and I love the structured vest over the floatier top.

ReaderRita said...

I love the mix of casual with "menswear".
And why couldn't "menswear" include the tights, AND a skirt for that matter?
I've always thought that considering anatomy, men would be more comfortable in skirts.

I did see an older fellow in a "man skirt" at the Micro Center this weekend. He looked great. It was a longer kilt style, but was not tartan, and seemed to be made from solid sweatshirt type material. He looked like a guy. A comfortable guy. More power to him.

C said...

I've often thought this about men's fashion. I would be a radically unfashionable man, determined to wear socks to stay warm. I'd probably wear white cotton athletic socks, too.

Katherine said...

Which Doc Martens are those? I really like them!

I've been meaning to buy a pair for the longest time and can never decide which style to get.

Audi said...

Katherine: They're called the Reboot 13-eye Zip boot, but I bought them in 2006, so I'm not sure they're available anymore.

Katherine said...

Thanks!! I'll check online:)