Monday, September 20, 2010

Over The Edge

I'm still behind on my blog reading, and in following up on the comments made to this blog while I was away at Burning Man. I'm trying to make some headway, but if you stopped by with a question a couple weeks ago and I still haven't gotten to it, you might want to give me a gentle reminder in the comments. I'm not trying to ignore you, I swear! It's just hard for me to determine at this point which I've responded to and which I haven't, without sorting through all my posts again.

I'm not even quite sure how this outfit came together. Which is odd, because there's a whole hell of a lot going on here, isn't there? But sometimes these things just happen, and if it's in the morning when I'm tired I'm unlikely to remember where the original inspiration came from.

I do recall that once I put together all the main pieces, I knew I needed fairly neutral tights so the outfit didn't go over the edge in terms of color. But I didn't think brown or gray would make much sense, so I chose olive tights, because there is actually a small amount of olive in the floral pattern of the dress. The olive sort of tones the color down while still making sense with the overall color scheme. Plus it was a great excuse to try out Tealive again.

Top: a gift from Sal
Dress: a 90's romper, altered to become a dress
Skirt: LA Made
Obi belt: Sunhee Moon
Tights: Foot Traffic
Boots: Miz Mooz


Rebecca said...

You have a lot of colors going on here, but for some reason they work together splendidly. Looks great.

C said...

I'm crazy about the autumnal color palette in this outfit!

Take your time getting back in the swing of things! :)