Thursday, August 26, 2010

Over and Under

Clearly with all the layers and tights I've got going on in this outfit, this was worn before our little heat wave began (which, by the way, is already pretty much over). This is the first time I've worn this yellow tie; I think I bought it more than a year ago but somehow I just hadn't yet found the right outfit for it until now.

This is another of the new vests I bought recently from Forever 21. My original idea for this vest was to wear it with the off-white dress I posted yesterday, but it's so narrow at the top that it really needs to be paired with something that has sleeves. I liked the effect of the black layers mingled with the gray; because there are black layers over as well as under the dress, it has sort of an optical illusion effect, as if you can't tell which pieces are separate and which are one. If you look carefully at the hem, you'll see that I also had my black and white polka dot skirt on under the dress.

The "belt" is just a wide piece of grosgrain ribbon, which I added in order to emphasize my waist. 

Dress: Red Dress Shoppe
Tie, skirt: thrifted
Vest: F21
Shirt: H&M
Tights: MP (via Sock Dreams)
Shoes: Tsubo


Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love all the layers in this. You're right, you can't tell what belongs to what, it meshes really well.

Rebecca said...

I like the layers. The vest and dress kind of look like one garment instead of two.

ardenkatherine said...

I saw the icon in my blogger list and at first I couldn't tell that this had so many layers, I thought it must be one dress.

I've always wanted to try to wear a tie with my outfits, the only problem is the outfit always ends up looking too masculine or simply SO feminine that the tie doesn't belong and looks awkward. So I love how you worked that in.

Franca said...

I'm partial to some tie action, so I'm loving this!

C said...

I am just LOVING this! The yellow tie totally pops against the wonderfully-layered neutrals.

Tricia said...

Adore the tie with the whole look!

ReaderRita said...

I love the yellow with the darker neutrals and the new hair color! It's a great accent! I'm still totally envious of those shoes, too. I wish Tsubo would make them again...