Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Big Difference

See that teeny bit of exposed skin there above my knee? That was my attempt to make this outfit look more "summery." I figured that by wearing OTK socks and letting the tops show, it would be clear that it wasn't *quite* cold enough for tights. So there's obviously a big difference between this and the winterized version of this outfit, which would include approximately 12 more inches of knitted material.

I liked the way the OTK's were just barely exposed, and in fact from the back it looked like I just had on regular tights because the denim dress is long enough to cover the tops of the socks. This is a subtle way to wear OTK or knee high socks and not give off a schoolgirl vibe.

Orange dress: Skunkfunk
Denim dress: thrifted
Belt: Lazaro
Socks: via Sock Dreams
Boots: from Scoop in Copenhagen


Rad said...

I really like the combination. I have a Skunkfunk dress that sits funny at the hips and I think my thrifted denim dress (a Sal influence) would look nice over it). The layering, socks, tops- everything looks grand.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

This looks amazing. I am totally stealing this look - I just need to decide which dress to put on underneath. Thanks for the inspiration (and the comments on my blog which mean so much to me).

Anonymous said...

More marvelous layering. Clearly we should swap weather systems, because I'd trade this heat for the chance to layer creatively ... in a heartbeat!

Emily Kennedy said...

So true, amazingly subtle for being a printed OTK. :)

Carmen said...

It tickles me that this is a summer outfit. It's 105 today where I live. I freakin' hate August. My job is crazy busy with enrolling students and it's like a desert outside. It's hot and bright and all you can hear are the cicadas and grasshoppers squealing. You probably don't even know what that sounds like.

Anyway, sorry to bitch! I adore the outfit! You look so trim and slim. I am going to have to find a demin dress so I can copy this in the fall! I will be a lot les bitchy by then too :):):)

PS: Loved looking at the pics of your rental! We have a friend in SF so we are going to keep your place in mind!

Fawn said...

It never occurred to me before to wear a short-sleeved dress over a long-sleeved one, but I was actually trying on denim dresses at the thrift store this very afternoon, because I am going to steal this look wholesale!

Still haven't managed to get OTK socks to stay above my knees, though.

Sheila said...

Love this look - I am going to steal it. :) Well, maybe not the over-the-knee socks (not quite me), but I do have some funky knee-high ones that I could do.

Thanks for the great ideas! As always!