Friday, June 18, 2010


Here's that All Saints Lindy cardigan again, and hopefully this time you can get an idea of its weight, particularly in the back view where you can see the outline of the tank top through the cardigan. I just love tissue-thin fabrics; though the cardigan is semi-sheer it is still remarkably warm, and the featherweight feel of it is great for summer.

This outfit is my attempt at a Sheila-inspired graphic tee ensemble, though I'm not sure I did as good a job as she does. Part of it is our different builds; Sheila is busty and can thus make t-shirts look shapely and feminine, whereas on me they just look boxy most of the time. But the asymmetry of the cardigan gave this outfit the shaping I was after, while leaving it unbuttoned at the bottom revealed at least part of the pattern on the t-shirt. I love the sweep of the back seam on the cardigan and how it accentuates my curves.

The denim skirt is one I keep trying to get rid of, but end up hanging onto because I haven't found a good replacement yet; in fact, I pulled the skirt from the donation bin the day I wore it. It's a pretty cute skirt, but I'm not quite happy with it because I don't really like how the front slit looks. Also, it feels like the slit is exposing much more than I want it to. And then, something about the way the skirt is cut makes it ride up a lot when I walk, so I'm constantly tugging at it. And the waistband pokes out in a weird way. Oh, and I don't like the length either. Good god, I HATE this fucking skirt! Back in the bin it goes.

Cardigan, tank top: All Saints
Skirt: La Redoute
Boots: All Black


Megan G said...

I could totally tell this was a "Casual friday" Sheila look! I like your spin on it.

Sheila said...

I have never found the right denim straight skirt - I hate the one I have now, I hated the previous one!

Thank you so much, Audi - I am so flattered that you're doing a Sheila look! You look amazing and much better than I do in my haphazard mixes!

Anonymous said...

I agree on the skirt - why do most denim skirts have the too-high slit either in front or back? I found an acceptable substitute for one in a medium-weight gray cotton (not denim) with a back kick-pleat instead of a slit - mine is Ann Taylor Loft, but I've also seen it at Banana Republic. Very easy to wear & flattering. -et-

Brande said...

I love the way this post ended. XD

tinyjunco said...

well, if you're hatin' on a skirt you may as well look great doing it!

i don't know that bust size is what's causing a 'boxy' look to that tee. as a large breast lady who has worn many many boxy tees, i've found a nice fit results from a thin, drapey fabric and a curvier cut. you want some curve along the side seams and a more 'set in' sleeve.

i looked at Sheila's blog (always a pleasure) and the graphic tee i saw her wearing looks like one'ss i've seen made of a thin rayon-poly blend. great drape, good stretch and recover. thin cotton jersey has nice drape, rayon lycra blends are Nothing But drape.

so many graphic tees are printed on 'Hanes 100% cotton' shirts with a boxy cut, thick seams, and thick, stiff fabric. my guess is if facilitates the printing process. but really, they only look decent on male underwear models. throw one to a fifteen year old male, and in six years you can buy him a beer for that great, thin, drapey tee you now have (after all the abuse and laundering it thins out)........sheesh.

anyways, i hope this mite help someone find a better-fitting tee out there......steph

Fawn said...

I love that cardigan. Must win lottery.

I also have a denim skirt I would love but for the too-high front slit. I hate the front slit on general principle. Who ever thought it was a good idea to slit a skirt in such a way that you risk flashing your hoo-ha every time you sit down? Grumble. Grumble. Oh well, when I win the lottery, I will also have skirts custom-made. (Hey, a girl can dream.)

WendyB said...

I'm meaning to check out the new AllSaints store in NYC.

- Tessa said...

LMAO at the end of this post and the comments - I enjoyed them greatly! I am, however, envious of the shape and weight of that cardigan. I am "busty" and have a continuous problem with "bra-roll" even though I am not heavy, and I think that cardi would cover a multitude of sins.

Steffi said...

it's a denim skirt issue, I swear there is a conspiracy of them going on.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask where the necklace is from?

Also, thanks to this blog I have fallen in love with AllSaints. I am ridiculously happy about this- my bank account is not. Oh well. :P

Audi said...

tinyjunco: That's a good point; I tend to be really finicky about the graphic on tees, so perhaps I'm not giving enough thought to the drape and fit when I do find a design I like.

Girl on the Floor: I'm actually wearing 2 necklaces here; the brass one is a multi-layered affair from H&M, the other is a pendant I found at a flea market in Argentina.

Linguist Barbie said...

Bit late to the party here, but re: the front-slit issue, I've had some luck with sewing a triangle of pretty fabric into overly-gaping slits, and essentially turning them into pleats.

Would that be an option here?