Friday, June 4, 2010

Public Service Announcement

This was last Friday's outfit; at that point it was still rainy and cold, which gave way to beautiful Memorial Day weekend weather and has now been replaced with the most bizarre of meteorological conditions. It doesn't feel like any season at all; it's cool but not cold and simultaneously warm but not hot, with a random gusty breeze that isn't quite a wind. The air is oddly sticky, and the blue sky is punctuated with giant, low-hanging, flattened white clouds. If it were warmer I'd say it was earthquake weather.

Speaking of earthquakes, I've been on an earthquake-preparedness mission ever since we moved into the new place, securing larger furniture to the walls with heavy duty straps, reinforcing pictures with anchoring tape, and putting museum putty underneath vases and potted plants. It's one of those things I've thought about from time to time and have always put off until later, and I think many Californians have the same attitude. After all, it's not like we have an earthquake season every year, the way other parts of the country do with storms. The problem of course, is that if you put if off too long you won't be ready when the next one strikes.

So this is my public service announcement for the day: if you live in an earthquake-prone area, do not put off preparing yourself! Secure your stuff, make a disaster kit with food/water/medical supplies (don't forget one for your pets, too!), and put together a communication plan. These are simple safegards that can save lives, so make the time to do it. Having finished most of the securing in our place, I can honestly say that the time committment is minimal. Do it once, and you can rest easier from here on out.

Here are a few useful links; many of these sites also have information on hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters:

Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety
FEMA Earthquake Guide
USGS Earthquake Preparedness
Earthquake Prepardeness Kit (from SF Chronicle)
Humane Society's Disaster Preparedness for Pets

Are you ready for the next Big One?

Blazer: thrifted
Dress: All Saints
Belt: Red Dress Shoppe
Skirt: F21
Boots: Bronx


Alyssa said...

You know, I never thought of earthquake-'proofing' one's house! I guess it's because I live in Washington state and don't think about such things. Ten years ago we had a 6.8 earthquake and only a few things fell off of my shelf. !!! But your ideas are very sensible and this is a really helpful post.

Now for the fashiony part! As usual, you are great at layering. I like the layered effect of the dress and the skirt, and I like how you dress it up a bit/professionalize it with the striped blazer. Nice belt too!

Anonymous said...


A few months ago when considering a west coast relo, I was going to ask you about quakes. As I started to write the question, it didn't feel appropo; chatting about layers was more inviting :-) This is a great service to apprise folks. Frankly, I think I'd be living with some of that "soft stone" furniture and loads of pillows!

I am truly loving everything from the "All Saints" line. The hem on the dress is a great detail. The Bronx boots are my next favs of yours, after the "All Black" of which I have been unsuccessful in securing for myself.

Glad you are feeling better and have battened down the hatches.

Have a great weekend,

Northmoon said...

Such a great outfit! Love the jacket with that dress.

Thanks for the reminder that pets need an emergency plan too. I don't live in an earthquake zone, but there could be other reasons to evacuate. I'm going to follow some of the Humane Society's suggestions and be more prepared.

Eyeliah said...

Good for you! I have food and water and emergency kit set up :-)

La Loca said...

Wow. I will stop complaining about monsoon season.

The print on that dress took my breath away!

Anonymous said...

I love the print and hemline of that dress - it's just amazing. And that wide belt is the perfect touch.

I also never thought about earthquake proofing, but it's a very smart thing to prepare for.

Tiffany said...

I'm a native of the South and recent west coast tansplant. Honestly theres something about hurricane season that is way more settling than this earthquake season you speak of. Mayby the predictability.

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Raquelita said...

That dress is stunning!

I have lived most of my life in places with frequent severe weather (tornadoes and severe thunderstorms). I try to always find houses that have basements or at least a sturdy closet with no windows to make my home in.

À LA MODEST said...

I like this! Very nice :)

Ms. Falcon said...

amazing dress and outfit... love your style!