Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Have I mentioned recently how awesome you readers are? Seriously. Going back through all the comments on yesterday's post/rant, it struck me what an amazing group of people contributes here. Yesterday there were comments from all across the spectrum: people like me who have never wanted kids, people who are or were undecided, and parents with all sorts of great stories and perspectives. We're all over the board in terms of our experiences, and yet we're all together in agreeing that we should be supportive and accepting of each others' choices. It sucks that the rest of the world isn't like that, but man am I grateful for you. It's really nice to be able to throw in random topics and have everyone just jump on in with their thoughts; being able to discuss more than just fashion really keeps the blog interesting and fresh for me.

On to the outfit! This dress is one of my new items from All Saints (it's the Amil Dress), and is one I'd been eying for quite awhile. Unless I was just completely not paying attention, it seems like it was only available in gray when I first saw it, so I resisted buying it because I already have other gray dresses. But when I saw it in this dusty purple, I was sold.

I ran with the color theme and added my purple cardigan and fabulous purple and black boots. Originally I also had it paired with the soft ruffled skirt that my mom gave me, but for this outfit it was just a little too much; either the skirt or the cardigan had to go, and that day I needed the cardigan for warmth. To add the necessary length to the dress I just let the lacy trim of my pettipants hang out, which blended in against the black leggings. But the skirt/dress combo is one I'm looking forward to playing with the next time I wear this dress; the two look like they were made to go together.

Originally the fringe pieces around the bottom of the dress were MUCH longer -- some of them hung down to my mid-calves. And while it did look really cool I knew it wouldn't do for work, not only because it seemed just over the line of appropriate, but also because I knew I'd end up getting that fringe stuck in chair wheels, slammed in doors, and sat on by adjacent co-workers in meetings. So I trimmed it shorter, and I think it turned out great. The dress has plenty of interesting textural details all through the body and really doesn't need too much extra trimming at the hem.

Dress: All Saints
Cardigan: S
Necklace: Manu Lizarralde
Belt: Red Dress Shoppe
Boots: Eject


Kathleen said...

Just wanted you to know that I stumbled onto your blog after a slow day at work...let's see I used to live in the East Bay and took classes at the Sewing I go on their website, then I saw some classses on hat making and voila, I came across your site! I think your fashion blog is the best and I am always inspired when I read it! Thanks for the great work!

WendyB said...

I'm glad you avoided an Isadora Duncan moment with the fringe!

ReaderRita said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those boots! And a gorgeous ensemble- there's something very etherial about it. Fab.

ReaderRita said...

erm, ethereal, sorry.

Sheila said...

Ooh, lovely layering, Audi. I am in bow lust with those boots. Ah! Ribbons! Be still my gew-gaw heart.

Gina said...

It is so cool to read the comments of the people who visit here. I read through some of yesterday's, expecting to find many attacking you and your position. Not so.

And was I ever glad to find comments from mothers. Isn't that the purpose of feminism -- to allow us all the CHOICE to be whatever we wanted? Not everyone can be a CEO, and not everyone can be a mom, but isn't it wonderful that we can pick our path -- and maybe even walk both!

I love the layering.

L said...

Love it! I also like your hair...very sassy!

Jean said...

Just caught up with your blog after our visit to LA, loved yesterday's post - I also hate it when people try to justify their own lives by forcing their values onto you. Live your life Audi, and enjoy it.

p.s. If anyone ever asks me what it's like being a mum, I always tell them that when you have babies they're so cute you could eat them, and when they're teenagers you'll wish you had :-)

padacs said...

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MJ said...

Coming in late about yesterdays post: I think there's a feeling among some moms that you can either be fashionable or be a mom. So in their minds they could be put together and all that if they didn't have kids. So there's a bit of resentment towards their kids because said kids are 'preventing' them from being fashionable. As a mom of 2 kids, I call BS. I'm currently in Europe and I see well put together moms everywhere. As for the snide comments, I think it takes a high level of maturity to realize that one does not want kids. Believe me, I know several moms who should not have become moms!

Seeker said...

As always looking great!!!
I mencioned you in a post today, I hope you don't mind.


Anonymous said...

Even trimmed, that fringe detailing is incredibly cool!

Stacy said... always have the best shoes! Love that dress, too. I would have cut the fringe, also. Looks great that way.

Totally agree with MJ, too. I know a lot of moms that don't think they can be fashionable and a mom at the same time. Like you are somehow being selfish by caring about your appearance. Huh? I didn't know that being frumpy was a requirement of being a mom. ;)

Audi said...

notSupermum: Ha, I love it! Though I don't believe for one minute that you actually feel that way. One day you'll probably even miss the teenage years. ;-)

MJ and Stacy: I agree; there are plenty of great resources these days to help moms look stylish too (You Look Fab is a great example), so there's no excuse! Interestingly, over the years I've had a couple of different male friends comment on how hot they think stylish moms are, even hotter than their stylish counterparts without children. Not that we should be stylish only for men, but I think my point is that many women assume that their attractiveness just doesn't register to anyone else once they've had a baby. Not so, apparently!

Anonymous said...

Love this, Audi. You truly go with the flow!