Friday, June 25, 2010

Double Down on Adorable

Halloo, friends! I haven’t forgotten about you – and hope you’ve not forgotten about me! Thanks to Audi – who’s so very patient with me (and a genius with the camera), I have bunches of outfit photos and ideas to come. Plans to post more frequently now and again are in the works, but let’s step into the [not so] way-back machine for a moment:

My very good friend, Miss Amanda Willis, and I spent a fantastic April weekend in Las Vegas – for Viva Las Vegas: 4 amazing days filled with 50s silhouettes, burlesque shows, classic cars, rockabilly betties, and pompadour-ed paramours.

I’m telling you guys – the hair and outfits were AMAZING. I’d checked out the photo gallery before I left, and decided I needed to step up my game. Apparently, this translated (in my head), into making a dress.

My seamstress skills are rudimentary at best (though improving!), and having no actual pattern, I used this cotton swing dress from pinupgirlclothing as a basis:

Yes, that photo was taken in a bathroom. What? It's KLASSY!!

Several yards of brown paper, a small pile of sidewalk chalk, and many miscalculations later, I wound up with this:

Something I like best about the 50s look – hourglass is queen. The silhouette is particularly flattering for those of us with a …[ahem]… generous bosom. A style that accents my waist, making the most out of those assets is one I can fully embrace. Plus, optional bonus: floofy petticoats! You know how we love to layer.

One of my favourite online shops, Stop Staring, had a booth at the convention – neither Amanda nor I could resist the unique opportunity to try on garments in person – or their VLV-bargain prices, and I scored a couple super hott wiggle dresses which may make their appearance on the blog at some point.

Let me tell you, these ladies know curves.

White sweater: borrowed
Dress: made by Jess
Silver heels: ? TJMaxx long long ago
Parasol: 5 bux at the car show (it was HOT out there)
Apologies for the fuzzy photos – my camera (and photoshop) skills are due for a tune-up – also, some guy at the car show helped out by cutting off our feet.



Franca said...

Wow, both those dresses are gorgeous! Looks like you had ace fun!

Emily Kennedy said...

You are so adorable! I have always wanted to go to Viva Las Vegas. I bet you had an excellent time. Your dresses were adorable!

tinyjunco said...

your dress is GORGEOUS on you! i'm so excited to see more people making their own clothes!! designing/running up your own clothes opens up so many options for people, especially the 98.9% of us who don't fit into 'standard sizing', or 'standard styling', for that matter.

i can't wait to see more - keep on sewin'!!! the over-excited steph

Kelly said...

So pretty, I LOVE the polka dot dress! No wonder you have that huge smile on your face, twirly skirts are heaven!

Raquelita said...

Oh my goodness! Both of the dresses you are wearing are soooo adorable! You look gorgeous!


ahahah your blog is great !!

Sheila said...

Two gorgeous pin-up gals! Love the dresses.