Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This big, soft cardigan is yet another All Saints purchase. Taking Sal's advice on wearing an oversized garment, I kept the rest of the outfit sleek and form fitting so that my shape was not entirely lost. The shorts and leggings showed off the shape of my legs, while underneath the cardigan I wore a tight fitting, stretchy tank tucked into the shorts and belted.

This outfit had a certain level of complexity to it, which surfaced whenever I went to the bathroom. All that adjusting and tucking and buckling was difficult enough, and then there was the constant threat of the long tail of the cardigan and free ends of the scarf dropping into the toilet. Thankfully I was on my game that day and didn't have any mishaps, but there were a couple of near misses. The outfit was really comfortable though, which made up for the hassle.

Cardigan: All Saints
Scarf: local import store
Shorts: Mango
Leggings: Kersh
Boots: Fly London

I thought today I'd show you a picture of our front window view on a day when the skyline isn't obscured by fog. I love the way the rippled Victorian-era glass distorts the buildings, so I included a close-up so you can see it better. The beautiful domed building is City Hall, and behind it is the new-ish Federal Building, which is generally viewed by locals as either an amazing modern creation or a hideous eyesore (I'm of the former camp). If you look closely you can see 2 chairs sitting on the roof of one of the buildings in the center of the frame; one of these days I want to get a photo of the view when there are people sitting out there, because it looks even cooler. These rooftop decks are fairly common around San Francisco and are a great feature of the city.


Candycane said...

What ana amazing and pretty view to have!

Plus another great outfit - love that cardie - I have one similar myself!

Sal xXx

Diana said...

That cardigan is amazing! I love how you styled it here. You're lucky that it's still cool enough to wear that many layers - it's ridiculously hot and sticky here.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you are having a coolish summer which is instructive for someone who will be visiting next month! I love your ensemble: the whole and each component as well.

Fawn said...

All summers in San Francisco are coolish! We usually get our warm weather in September.

I love that cardi although I would probably dunk it in the toilet at least twice each wearing.

Sheila said...

Ha! I have had similar near-misses - today, with my floaty skirt, which I have to bundle up in my arms and hold up around my neck before I sit.

I love the shots through the ripply glass - amazing!

Franca said...

I think i may be coming round to the neutrals things, this looks fantastic!

As does the bottom photo, of course!

Kasmira said...

Love the view....especially with the wavy glass.

I can empathize with dipping clothing in the toilet. My cream Jovovich Hawk for Target dress originally had long ties in the back. I dipped an end in the bowl at least once before I just cut it off.

Anonymous said...

I, too, can sympathize. Both with complex outfits that take 15 minutes to get in and out of, and ones that threaten to "test the waters" so to speak!

The shorts are a fantastic touch. And thanks for the shout-out, lady!

Carmen said...

Lovely view! You really seem like you love it there. I've visited a friend who lives outside the city near Santa Rosa and I adore your climate. In Kansas its like the face of the sun right now!I'm wearing scarves to cover an incision in my neck from a recent surgery and its kinda brutal outside for scarves at the moment. Laughed out when I read about your toilet issues as I've been having the same issues with my scarves lately :)

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

That cardigan is so good I gasped. Look the back view.

Totally sympathise with the issue on the layers. I only normally notice when I'm out and it's too late to correct. I think people wonder why I'm gone so long.

missjulied said...

I really like a lot of the All Saints items I've seen you wear, and I noticed they're having a sale and wanted to try out a piece or two myself. I wonder if you could tell me how you've found their fit to be - true to size, small, large? And I'm assuming that the sizes on their US site are US sizes, right?

Anyhow, thanks for the inspiration!

Audi said...

missjulied: Unfortunately I don't have a good answer for you about the sizing on the US site, since I've never ordered from it (I've always assumed the sizes are UK though). Even with the duty fees and exchange rate, the UK site has always worked out to be cheaper for some reason. However the sizing is true -- I normally wear a size 6, and the UK 10 that the site recommends is always spot on. I'd recommend pricing everything on both sites before you order -- and remember that the UK site prices are listed with the VAT added in; this tax is removed at checkout once you input the shipping address, so it'll deduct a pretty sizeable chunk from the total.

missjulied said...

Hey Audi, thought I'd give you my follow-up on my All Saints purchase. I did some further research and found out that the sizing on their US site is still UK sizing. So I went with a 10, as I'm a size 6 as well. I ordered a knit vest, and I just got it today.

The knit is heavier than I expected so I probably won't be wearing it until fall, but I'm looking forward to it. The fit is nice, though I kind of wish I hadn't got something with a shawl collar as it's a little itchy. Perhaps it won't seem so when the weather cools.

I will likely order from them again. Thanks for sharing your shopping secrets with us!