Saturday, June 26, 2010

40 and Fabulous

The San Francisco Gay Pride Parade is turning 40 this weekend! I'm so proud that our city hosts the largest parade of its sort in the country, and one of the most famous and well-attended in the world. Here's wishing a joyous, fun, and safe pride celebration to all the participants. The weather is gorgeous this weekend, so come on out and show your PRIDE!  


Sheila said...

We had a "gay dog" parade yesterday (yes, dogs dressed up) as part of Gay Pride Week. I am proud that my city does this. :)

Linda said...

I haven't actually thought about this day in some time, but in 1987 after I graduated from college, I went out to Berkeley for one last attempt to make things work with this guy. They did Not. My mom's oldest friend, who lives in SF, said I could crash at their big fancy house as long as I wanted. Guy dropped me off at the Berkeley BART station and I stumbled down the stairs with tears in my eyes and hopped on a train packed with people going to Pride. It was like a bunch of muscly guys, a bunch of loud lesbians drinking whiskey out of flasks, a random little old lady clutching her purse, and me. I finally stopped weeping and started grinning. One of the lesbians asked me what was up and I told her and she shouted to the train at large, "WE'RE AMBASSADORS OF GOOD WILL!!" The little old lady was having a good time by then too. I got out and watched the parade for a while and had a nice week or so by myself in San Francisco and have not been back since.

p.s. my word verification is "sequins."

Lesa said...

Yeah! Gay Pride Day. My late Father was a great Gay Daddy!