Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today's backdrop replaces out-of-place items for unpacked ones. I like how the box next to me is labeled, 'pond rocks.' That box is Mark's; it contains the smooth little river rocks that go in the bottom of the fountain that you see partially assembled just behind me. But I also packed 2 large boxes full of rocks, which are used to landscape Charlie's habitat. I felt bad packing them. Thankfully the movers didn't speak much English, or else they really would've hated me. Although I'm sure when they lifted the boxes, they wondered to themselves in Chinese, "What the hell did she put in here, rocks?"

This was a lazy outfit. In fact, I've felt really lazy, outfit-wise, since we moved in because we still don't have a full length mirror. I've therefore been staying away from anything too experimental or challenging, and sticking with safer combinations. I decided to pair this polka dot dress with jeans, because I initially tried it on that way at the thrift store and therefore already knew it looked good.

Dress: thrifted
Sweater: Cynthia Rowley (via Gilt)
Belt: Red Dress Shoppe
Jeans: Joe's
Hat: ADS Hats
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell


Peacock's Hat said...

Love the polkadots with the teal and beret; although I would have preferred no jeans, but a lack of full length mirror is a right pain and going for the safe option was probably the best bet!

Raquelita said...

I love the dress over the jeans! You look so cozy and chic!

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty great outfit for "lazy." And it feels weird to see your shots in natural light! Such a different look.

Emily Kennedy said...

Very cute. Your lazy is most womens most awesome.

Anonymous said...

j'adore! you look fabulous. i'm having a lazy day... not embracing it in photos, either. silly me! have a fabulous weekend!

<3 KP

Anonymous said...

ha! my dad (70 now) used to entertain us kids with tales of his unwashed teenaged jeans, so stiff they could stand in a corner on their own! (he rebuilt and raced stock cars, so the grease factor was abundant.)

i guess in the '50's the procedure was to put on your new jeans, lie down in a lukewarm bath until they were soaked, then get out of the tub and try to stand straight and still until they dried. this achieves a form-hugging fit. not ever washing the jeans keeps the form-hugging fit. i've heard about this from several people who were teenagers at the time.

so don't wash and tell people you're goin' vintage! have a great weekend everyone, steph

Diana said...

This outfit is just fantastic! I love all the layering!

Gracey the Giant said...

I'm a big fan of dresses over jeans (I know a lot of people aren't) and I think this looks great. Very comfy true, but still fabulous.

And your new place looks wonderful!

Alyssa said...

What a cute outfit. I really like the blue sweater layered over the polka dot top... then the belt and shoes make it more 'you' :D