Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm down to the last 2 days of outfit photos that I took at the old place (sorry to psych you out if you were expecting to see the new place today!). But since I can't stand to post out of order, I'm going to keep you in suspense for yet another day before I start posting from the new place on Wednesday.

This outfit was obviously the result of my frenetic schedule in the last days before the move. Do you like how I worked it as if it was a really fancy ensemble anyway? And I didn't even attempt to get the wrinkles out of the hoodie. It's all about attitude.

The hoodie is new from Gilt; I don't really have very many ultra-casual pieces that are also interesting, and I loved the batwing sleeves and pocket embroidery on this one. Combined with my perfect shoes from Fly London, this outfit was comfortable while still having some interesting elements.

Shirt: thrifted
Hoodie: Free People
Jeans: Joe's
Shoes: Fly London
Bracelet: Lower Haters

Showing my neighborhood pride.


Emily Kennedy said...

Your sweatshirt is adorable! What I would give for a cute sweatshirt with some detailing like that!

Alex said...

I love your sweatshirt! Funny, I just bought a typewriter key bracelet too! Mine doesn't spell anything though...

WendyB said...

I like sleeves with volume.

Anonymous said...

Hah! The bracelet is hilarious. Way to show the 'hood some love.

Anonymous said...

nice details on that hoodie. i got a little 'hoodie w/out a hood' at the aeropostale outlet in petaluma ... it's real easy to throw on when i get a chill; but at 48 i felt like an idiot wearing an ad, even around the house. i took inspiration from a shorts project on beckermanbiteplate and sewed a bunch of denim and blue calico hearts over the logo. then i threw it in the wash and it all frayed nicely. i used scraps from clothes i had made so it's little matchy-matchy. plus now i'm 48 years old with patchwork hearts all over me hoodie (?!?!)

as you say, casual is difficult.

i hope you're loving your new place! steph

Anonymous said...

p.s. Erin at Work With What You Got wears a fun 'moto jacket' out of sweatshirt type material, a great casual look:

i'm pondering a knock-off. steph

Chelsea said...

oooooh, an Audi-sweatshirt! it's great. those sleeves are fantastic, and I imagine good for moving since your hands are free! You totally worked the shit outta that outfit... it may be casual, but it's fabulous!

and I love the bracelet. and CANT WAIT to see the new place :) glad I'm not the only one who can't do things out of order!

lyrebirdgully said...

This is I believe one of the most attractive outfits you have created; and just proves that going ultra casual does not have to mean frumpy. The cut and volume of the sleeves, with the stripy detailing, is super flattering. you can so wear jeans, and this outfit really shows off your legs to perfection. 10/10!